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Symbiotic digital success.

Digital Remedy believes the greatest potential for success in planning and buying is centered around the following:

  • Understanding the client’s audience, both existing and intended
  • Building targeted digital campaigns with the highest likelihood of finding the client’s audience(s)
  • Incorporating the use of the client’s customer data (1st party) and that of similar audiences (2nd party) to create and target audiences with the highest propensity to respond to the advertising
  • Serve engaging, informative ads that prompt the customer to react to the messaging
  • Re-engage with interested customers with additional messaging
  • Structure both direct response, and reach and frequency programs, that target the right demographics, without overwhelming them with the same message
  • Optimize the program, in real-time, toward the client’s specific goals.

Account Management Approach

AdReady/Suite clients are assigned dedicated account management teams who learn and understand the client’s business.

AdReady/Suite Proactive, 24/7 Account Management includes:

  • Customized onboarding program
  • Scheduled meeting cadence to ensure ongoing program strategy, optimization and KPI success
  • Creative change requests
  • Customized reporting
  • Ongoing media optimization
  • Creative change requests
  • Customized reporting

Business Approach

AdReady/Suite taps two Digital Remedy offerings: 1) AdReady, a demand side technology and proprietary platform, 2) agency-like approach to media buying and full partner management.

  1. AdReady, The Platform, is a full-service media planning, buying, reporting, and execution engine with direct API’s into programmatic inventory available from the largest inventory supply, including Google’s display network and its unique targeting capabilities, as well as the majority of secondary inventory sources, through a direct feed into AppNexus.
  2. AdReady/Suite agency trading desk works to achieve maximum reach on behalf of our clients, offering full management of media buying outside our direct pipes. This part of the offering is designed to power media buying, execution, and reporting, that encompasses third party buys such as those direct to a specific Publisher, with another media platform or data source, or with private marketplaces.

Media Approach

To provide and support our holistic digital marketing management program, AdReady takes a media agnostic approach to digital media planning and buying. This allows our clients to access the best-in-breed inventory and targeting technologies available, without having to discover, research and test them individually themselves.

Examples of emerging media offering: Cross-Device Targeting and Retargeting, Mobile Geo-fencing, Wi-Fi Sponsorships, Social Conversation Targeting, Look-a-like Modeling, etc.

All aspects of the program are managed by AdReady, including third party sales and account management contact, media execution, related invoicing, and consolidation of reporting.

AdReady’s approach to media planning and buying involves the following:

  • Transparency, with all media costs available to the client
  • Brand Safety, with partnerships with the reputable publishers and exchanges, as well as with third party brand safety monitoring service
  • A program geared towards client goals, with media planning and buying both planned and optimized toward client directed metrics (Reach, Frequency, Conversions, Viewability, etc.)
  • Cross-channel, involving an optimized media mix of desktop, mobile and social inventory, based on the audience to be targeted
  • Re-engagement, involving specific retargeting plans that re-engage hand-raisers, eliminate previous converters, and meet with the client’s frequency requirements.


AdReady/Suite customers have full access to our design services which takes existing brand and advertising messaging and transforms it for the various digital channels. We both provide and recommend the ability to test creatives with differing calls to actions, messaging, imagery, and the like, to optimize toward the best performing creative elements.

We work closely with the client’s Creative agency to ensure synchronization across online and offline efforts.

Reporting & Attribution

The AdReady reporting module consolidates all relevant digital advertising metrics, and displayed fields can be customized for the client needs. Customized reporting is available for scheduled delivery.

Attribution insights can be gained by both the placing of pixels to measure visits and conversions, as well as with access to the client’s CRM or conversion reporting, in order to report a more accurate return on ad spend.

All digital media metrics and conversions, as well as reporting on ROI, is consolidated in a single report, regardless of the source, or number of sources of media.

Value Prop Summary

  • Holistic program encompassing both a digital platform, and an agency approach in a one-stop shop
  • Full Transparency and Brand Safety
  • Dedicated account management
  • Customized reporting
  • Creative services
  • Ongoing consultation


AdReady/Suite clients receive consultation on emerging media, as well as ad technology services that may improve their programs. Example of topics we have consulted clients on are:

  • Tag management
  • Cross channel attribution
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Dynamic Creative
  • Data Management platforms