Solutions for Advertisers

Nibble offers advertisers a full suite of services. Take advantage of custom content creation, and a robust Influencer network to make sure your brand(s) are making the most of their online presence. Leverage our network of owned-and-operated web sites to target the proper audiences. The Nibble/Solutions suite uses analytics, data, and years of experience to increase audience engagement and guarantee campaign success.


Display branded ads across Nibble’s network of Owned-and-operated sites. Nibble’s branded content opportunities include customized content, unique distribution strategies, and custom ad configurations that net measurable results. Nibble works with brands to identify target markets to ensure that appropriate audiences are reached across our sites.

Audience Extension

Extending your audience increases brand visibility, helping brands to expand into new markets. Accessing Digital Remedy’s owned-and-operated sites allows brands to increase their audience reach by delivering ads across a broad spectrum of demographics.

Specialized Content

Nibble develops unique branded content, both custom and curated that speaks directly to the advertiser’s audience and aligns with brand messaging. The Nibble team specializes in creating original content designed to boost audience engagement, grow fan bases, and keep followers coming back for more. Nibble’s innovative framework taps into audience insights with highly shareable themes that generate millions of views across multiple social platforms.
  • Content can be posted across our diverse Influencer Network that collectively holds 150 million in audience reach.
  • Nibble videos produce strong brand associations that captivate audiences with relatable narratives. Access to Nibble’s Premier Influencer Partner video service adds additional value to your brand.
  • Advertisers have access to Nibble’s content library that includes feature articles, galleries, videos and news. Our partners are able to publish curated content, that keeps fans engaged.

Direct Response

Nibble works with the direct response solution of Digital Remedy, AdReady/Direct. This synergy provides performance-driven executions optimized across all digital channels for advertisers and agencies. The AdReady/Direct, Nibble solution stack uses precise audience traffic data to increase actionable engagement on prime ad units. Nibble also takes advantage of our large network of Influencer sites to distribute direct response campaigns to specific demographics.

Creative Services

Nibble’s proprietary creative platform and in-house creative team delivers unique campaigns and offers tailored services to attract target audiences. With extensive experience across all digital channels we’re well equipped to handle any campaign strategy.

Analytics and Reporting

Nibble offers a customized yield dashboard to track campaign performance across social and native channels. The dashboard is updated daily, presenting comprehensive revenue, profit, and margin data for the different ad units available on site, including: desktop, display, mobile, and native.

Data Solution

Nibble leverages first-, second-, and third-party data for clients to make smarter targeting decisions, build customized audience segments, and optimize campaign performance. We partner with leading data providers to help clients maximize audience engagement and improve marketing strategies.