Solutions for Publishers

Nibble offers publishers a full suite of services. From managing web assets and optimizing your sites monetization, to social posting and comprehensive reporting, Nibble is equipped to make sure you’re operating as efficiently as possible. Get in touch for more information on how we can help you increase profits, manage your site(s), and get to know your audience.

Management Solutions

Nibble delivers website, advertising, content, and social management services for publishers. We provide solutions that enable publishers to tap into new audiences, increase engagement, elevate digital strategies, and maximize yield.
Nibble operates your owned sites by creating and managing content that generates revenue.
Nibble manages publisher’s ad server and provides technology to maximize monetization by customizing ad placements based on the user.
Nibble works with publishers to promote site content through social and native channels at no risk to the publishers. Enhance earnings potential from your social posting while highlighting the brands you want to have in the market.

Monetize & Optimize

  • Nibble will manage the inventory on your site via programmatic and direct channels, producing the highest revenue potential.
  • Nibble partners with top advertising agencies to develop sponsored content, and takeover opportunities that produce additional revenue sources for publishers. Nibble manages all display, native, and video advertising creating cross channel, scalable revenue opportunities.
  • Nibble works with publishers to identify optimization opportunities that will enhance monetization capabilities. Our team of UX experts creates responsive layouts for desktop and mobile while monitoring and testing site design to ensure your site maintains a strong user experience. Nibble works with publishers to identify best practices for search engine optimization and tagging to ensure that sites get the most organic traffic possible.
  • Expand your site audience by plugging into Digital Remedy’s Influencers network that collectively holds 150m in audience reach.


Nibble comprehensive reporting provides publishers with ease of access to their performance data and equips them with the information they need to optimize their sites and make smarter business decisions.
  • Access consumer insights and gain a deeper understanding of who your audience is, allowing you to better engage your fan base.
  • Revenue reporting is updated daily to highlight revenue, profit and margin data for the different ad units available on site and across devices.
  • Consolidated content marketing reporting shows performance of all content marketing campaigns across social and native channels.