Who is in your ads.txt and why it matters to you?

The goal of ads.txt, Authorized Digital Sellers, is to provide transparency in the programmatic ecosystem (or should I say supply chain), where authorized resellers can easily destroy the value of your site’s brand equity.

For instance, native companies now put video in their widgets. Why is this bad? DSPs see very low CPMs transacting for video, completion rates are low because users do not want to engage with the native widget, and viewability is poor since the widgets are at the bottom.

Real world example:
Digital Remedy purchased video inventory from weather.com through a seller (removed to protect the privacy of that seller) in March 2018. We paid below a $5 CPM and the completion rate was less than 5%. Many systems have a single data point on key KPIs like completion rates, so they will be losing dollars algorithmically on some of the DSPs, or manually when media ops ban the domain. Seller and Weather.com win together short-term, however, Weather.com loses long-term.

Enjoy the report: