To Digital Remediers, CPXians past and present and the greater ad tech community,

Over the past 18 years, I have been privileged to watch our company grow in many ways. The last few have been particularly revolutionary for our offerings, our capabilities, and our brand. Considering all the changes our company has endured, and the recent challenges our country faces, I want to take a moment to remind us of where we came from, and what we, as a leadership team, have believed from the beginning.

“The original company that we founded, and that became CPX Interactive, was called B.U.D.S Inc. for ‘Brothers Unda Da Skin,’ to reflect our shared belief in the ideals of equality and unity…and we are thrilled to be in a position to put teeth behind those ideals.”

I said those words eight years ago, and I stand by them today. Now, we have the opportunity to once again come together as a community that embodies these ideals—the ideals that have been at our core from the very beginning.

Digital Remedy, formerly CPXi and its parent company B.U.D.S. Inc. was founded on the principal that we are all equal. When Carlton Hickman and I founded B.U.D.S. the name was crafted to reflect our shared belief in the ideals of equality and unity. As the dialogue of separation increases in our society, I’m reminded of these original beliefs and in our Core Values of Digital Remedy.

The identity of Digital Remedy is, and always will be, an inclusive, innovative, and influential atmosphere. With each of our successes, trials, and challenges, what has allowed us to remain a groundbreaking force within our industry – is you.

These foundational beliefs are why we built up the Core Values that we proudly embrace today. To make sure that we never stray too far from the inspiration that started our company. Our core values weren’t created so we could stick something on our wall, but to serve as a framework in every decision we make. Our guiding principles are used to ensure that we are building a team that is diverse, aligned, inclusive, and in it together. They remind us of who we are, where we came from, and where we want to go.

The future of our company is not solely a sales-based narrative, it’s about the people who are going to take it there. You have our highest level of commitment to continue building a supportive, accepting, and balanced environment for you to grow in. Now more than ever, we strive to frame a workplace that feels safe, comfortable, and creative, and allows you to believe that your contribution is counted on, wanted, and needed. It’s about you, us, and the team – together.

Today I invite the greater ad tech community and my own company to continue to create an equal, diverse, unbiased society regardless of race, religion, gender, identity or sexual orientation. One where all of humankind is treated equally and just. I ask that we continue to train, hire, and lead with the ideals of equality and the rights of all human beings that share the values of what’s good and righteous in this world.

Please join me in putting forth similar values in your organizations, working together to create an example for all industry: our ad tech community leading the way toward a balanced, fairer tomorrow.


Mike Seiman
CEO, Digital Remedy