Converged TV by Digital Remedy

Performance TV Reimagined

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Discover The Best of Both Worlds

Digital Remedy’s Converged TV approach combines the scale and reach of Linear TV with the robust targeting and marketing effectiveness of Connected TV (CTV), giving brands a full-funnel, attention-grabbing strategy like never before.

Leveraging a wealth of valuable viewership data, our unique approach ensures optimal reach for brands by using CTV to offset under-exposed audiences on linear, granting brands access to:


Real-Time Reporting

Our custom reporting dashboard pulls analytics for the most accurate, real-time insights —providing powerful data visualizations that show what’s driving performance.


Transparency & Accountability

With true visibility into campaign performance, brands can make better-informed decisions and hold their linear and CTV accountable to measurable outcomes.

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Insights-Fueled Optimizations that Drive Performance

Maximize your buys across digital by taking into account real-time linear TV data— ensuring every media dollar invested is being optimized toward your unique campaign objectives.

With Converged TV with Digital Remedy, you can leverage:


Delivery Metrics

Easily track your linear and CTV/OTT performance with full-funnel measurement including reach, frequency, and key performance metrics across networks, dayparts, and markets.


Competitive Conquesting

Use cross-platform insights to see how your media channels stack up against each other.


Cross-Platform Measurement

Bridge the gap between linear and CTV and discover how they effectively work together to drive incremental performance for your campaigns.

Get Started

Whether you’re focused on brand building or driving specific actions, Digital Remedy can help you craft a converged TV strategy that exceeds your performance goals.

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