The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is here, and it could cost you four percent of your company’s worldwide revenue, or 20 million Euros (nearly $25m), whichever is HIGHER.

The GDPR went into effect May 25, 2018, and it had the digital world’s best data security, privacy, and compliance professional’s collective stomachs in knots in the month’s leading up to it. After sitting for three and a half hours with a few dozen of these brilliant people, the ultimate conclusion is: much of this law is broad, unclear, and a bit scary. These are people who have spent months researching and studying this law, and preparing specifically to answer questions in discussion, leaving the meeting with even more questions.

What exactly is “Personal Data?” There is a definition, but whether you are an attorney, a business executive, or a tech geek, you will see very clearly that the definition is not exacting. What is a Processor or a Controller? Are you one, or both? What constitutes Consent? Is your consent request clear, affirmative, and unambiguous? Is it informed, specific, and freely given? An error in understanding and complying with any of these terms or conditions can result in a penalty.

Security privacy and compliance are costly endeavors if you want to be protected. It is important. Consumer data should be protected at all costs. Digital Remedy, has spent innumerable executive and legal resources on these matters. We have been doing this long before the introduction of GDPR, to comply with existing laws and regulations, both domestic and international. But with the current GDPR presence, everything is being revisited. The potential penalty from this law is unprecedented, which may be separate from what you might be liable for elsewhere. The potential cost and risk now levied in attempting to comply with GDPR has presented a new and appealing option: exiting the EU market entirely. This is the true “Zero Risk Tolerance” option. You cannot fall under the jurisdiction of EU law, if you never touch the EU or its citizens.

A “DRexit” is not in our future, but perhaps others should closely consider the option, or some variation thereof. It is, after all, the simplest and most risk-averse solution. Every platform and DNS has the capability to target geos and, likewise, to block them. Why let these users jeopardize 4% of your worldwide revenue (yes, it’s revenue, not profit)? Imagine if your company lost $25m, or more, because of 1% of your business! Or 5%, or 10%, or even 50%! For many, this is a risk not worth taking.

From a logic standpoint, I expect to see many companies exiting the EU market due to the GDPR. If you are not one of those, it is vital that your company understands GDPR and complies with it to the fullest extent possible if you are engaging in the EU market. Here at Digital Remedy, we welcome the advances in consumer data privacy and protection, and continue to work tirelessly toward full compliance. If you have additional questions surrounding GDPR and our response, we would love to hear from you.

A previous version of this article was posted on April 19, 2018.

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Resources, Time, and Overhead

When was the last time you enjoyed balancing budgets, reading resumes, dealing with aggressive sales teams, or wasting years of time for small gains in performance. By partnering with Digital Remedy you get the full support of $30m in OPEX including marketing teams, sales teams, and a dedicated 24/7 ad operations team. No hiring new employees for media optimization, business development, or account management. No months of training and on-boarding. No long meetings crafting sales materials. Just your team focused on making deals, and our teams and tech focused on supporting and executing those deals in a tech-enabled, digital ecosystem designed to get the most out of any KPI.

Reporting and Support

How nice would it be to have all of your data and insights in one location. We don’t mean an excel sheet sent out once a week with complicated charts, or an XML file with pages and pages and pages of tables (what is this, 2003?). We mean a fully customizable dashboard reporting in real time, or as real time as possible. You get to decide the how, what, and when of the reporting you’re seeing. And that’s ALL of the how, what, and when’s. If you want to see breakouts of all of the individual campaigns in your system, done. If you want broad scope comparisons of all of the campaigns in the last year, done. If you want to see CTR’s for specific audiences and compare them to CPM for your best performing advertiser but limit the scope to campaigns greater than 30k, done. All of this is at your fingertips with the AdReady Dashboard, all in one place.

Jessica Cortapasso

With more than a decade of experience in human capital management, Jessica Cortapasso serves as VP of Human Resources at Digital Remedy. After graduating from Muhlenberg College, she quickly recognized her passion for people and entered the workforce in Human Resources where she gained expertise in employee relations, designing strategic benefit plans, and the development, implementation, and curation of corporate engagement initiatives for big-name brands and small companies alike. Becoming a member of the Digital Remedy family in 2013 while simultaneously acquiring her Masters Degree in Human Resources Management and Development from New York University, Jessica has steered company culture through significant events ranging from acquisitions and a rebranding, to the development and application of our Core Values that shape our daily business practices. Cortapasso resides in Brooklyn, plays competitive volleyball, and loves spending time with her nieces.

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