Digital Remedy is proud to be the home of many Australians over the years. With Australia currently in the grips of a catastrophic nationwide bushfire emergency, our Harmony Team, with the help of our resident-Aussies, hosted a series of events to raise funds to help support the bushfire recovery efforts that their families and friends are confronting back home. 

Over the past few weeks, Remediers far and wide rallied together to benefit a few amazing organizations who are working tirelessly to protect the people, wildlife, and firefighters of Australia during this devastating time. Take a look back at the events below:

Brews for the ‘Roos

With dual events hosted in both NYC and New Orleans, our “Brews For the ‘Roos” Happy Hours invited Remediers, friends, families, and everyone in between to come and enjoy a few drinks for a good cause. Hosted by Home Base Bistro in New York, and Miel Brewery and Taphouse in NOLA, a portion of each night’s proceeds went directly to the WWF Australian Bushfire Relief Fund. Both events ended up being a huge success, with roughly 100 participants, and endless amounts of fun. 

Australia Day Trivia Night

To continue the momentum, we celebrated Australia Day by hosting a series of internal events and activities to fully immerse ourselves in the Australian culture. Participants were asked to make a donation towards Australian relief efforts to join in on the festivities which included a full buffet of traditional Australian treats, a Vegemite eating contest, Australian slang quizzes, and much more. Classic Australian eats like sausage rolls, Tim Tams, Anzac cookies, and even Fosters beer, were provided to keep everyone’s minds sharp through a round of Australian-themed trivia to close out the evening.

Super Bowl Boxes

Finally, to leverage everyone’s love of the annual excitement surrounding the Super Bowl, we harnessed that and used it for a good cause through a classic grid where people could purchase boxes to enter a pool for a chance to win throughout the game. Instead of the winners taking home all of the prize money, half of the proceeds from this year’s pool were donated towards our Australian relief efforts.

In total, Digital Remedy and the Harmony Team were able to raise an astonishing $3,000 for Australian Bushfire relief. This marks our largest fundraising initiative to date, and we were extremely proud to not only help those directly affected in Australia but to also support the Aussies who call Digital Remedy “home.”

With the money raised, we were able to benefit a number of different causes:

  • World Wildlife Foundation – The WWF is an international organization working to save wildlife and protect and restore the native bushlands of Australia. 
  • Wires Wildlife Rescue – Wires Wildlife Rescue is the largest wildlife rescue organization in Australia that has been rescuing and caring for wildlife for over 30 years. 
  • NSW Fire Fighters – The New South Wales Rural Fire Service is the lead combat agency for bushfires in NSW and is the largest firefighter service in the world. 
  • Salvation Army Australia – Salvation Army Australia provides those affected by the devastation with shelter, food, clothing, and financial and emotional support. 

To learn more about the Harmony Team, and stay up to date on all things Digital Remedy, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

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Jessica Cortapasso

With more than a decade of experience in human capital management, Jessica Cortapasso serves as VP of Human Resources at Digital Remedy. After graduating from Muhlenberg College, she quickly recognized her passion for people and entered the workforce in Human Resources where she gained expertise in employee relations, designing strategic benefit plans, and the development, implementation, and curation of corporate engagement initiatives for big-name brands and small companies alike. Becoming a member of the Digital Remedy family in 2013 while simultaneously acquiring her Masters Degree in Human Resources Management and Development from New York University, Jessica has steered company culture through significant events ranging from acquisitions and a rebranding, to the development and application of our Core Values that shape our daily business practices. Cortapasso resides in Brooklyn, plays competitive volleyball, and loves spending time with her nieces.

Erez Feld

Responsible for the financial and legal practices of Digital Remedy, Erez brings 22 years of experience in precision financial analysis, growth management practices, strategic acquisition, and investment leadership. A graduate of Hofstra University, Erez began his career modeling for corporate finance, and expanded his accounting prowess in the real estate sector. Erez joined Digital Remedy in 2008 as a senior accountant, and helped to create and build an accounting department that could support the rapid growth of the company and aligned with those needs. Over the past 12 years he has evolved through various positions at the company within the finance discipline, supervising and mentoring additional finance personnel, while growing under the tutelage of Michael Fleischman, former CFO of Digital Remedy. Today, he leads the Finance Department by supporting high-level projects such as acquisitions and restructuring, and is responsible for overseeing all financial assets, establishing financial procedures, controls, and reporting systems.

Michael Fleischman

After a successful career as an accomplished Fortune 500 financial professional leading Corporate Finance and Strategic Planning at Cablevision Systems Corporation and its programming subsidiary Rainbow Media Holdings, Michael currently plays a role in the overall management of Digital Remedy including direct responsibility for all financial-related activities including accounting, financial planning, M&A, legal, insurance, real estate and banking relationships. Michael brings more than 25 years of media experience at Cablevision and Rainbow Media and during his career was instrumental in the launching and managing of a number of cable television networks including 10 Regional Sports Networks across the US, American Movie Classics, Bravo, and the Independent film channel as well as the structuring of corporate partnerships with companies including Liberty Media, NBC, Fox/NewsCorp and MGM. Additionally, he was the finance lead on a number of professional sports team acquisitions including Madison Square Garden, the successful IPO of Cablevision and a tracking stock at Rainbow Media.Michael was involved in the creation and launch of Rainbow Advertising Sales which was one of the Cable Industry’s first Local Advertising Sales Divisions.

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