There’s a lot of it out there. Some of it well guarded. Some of it loosely protected. All of it always in jeopardy of a hacker’s whim. Data represents a “giant step for…”-moment, and despite the potential misuse of data, the positive impact that data has on the industry and global community is immeasurable. The digital community in specific needs to ensure that from the user to the platforms everyone is actively engaged in the proper usage of data. We are often asked by our clients, “how can we ensure you are compliant?” And, as we share, “we can only be as compliant as the industry offers standards.”

Which, doesn’t always satisfy us, or our clients. Compliance is tricky. It assumes that the rules are known and understood, locked in stone, and published. It implies there is a regulatory body or entity policing the marketplace.

That’s not to say we don’t work our tails off to ensure we are as compliant as humanly possible. It’s just to say that we could all wake up tomorrow morning, and “compliance” may look completely different. Which is why we often take matters into our own hands.

Like we did with GDPR. We happen to think GDPR is a good thing: it aims to protect personal data, and to ensure data isn’t sold or dropped into the wrong hands. Since Digital Remedy doesn’t own any data ourselves, or bidders for that matter, GDPR is a little less tricky for us. We are, however, committed to upholding our end of the bargain from across the pond. That’s why we’ve been focused on aligning with vendors and partners that are GDPR compliant when transacting in the EU and England, which includes seeking attestation from our vendors and identifying a GDPR compliant solution set to executive campaigns safely, securely and effectively. We commit to have an EU/England solution in place no later than May, 2018.

So like all compliancy matters, we will continue our work in remaining ahead of the curve. Which in some cases means right where we are supposed to be. Compliant.

See our updated Compliancy Statement here.