Solution Sets

AdReady is a digital chameleon led by a team of long-standing industry professionals and a consistently evolving tech stack. This solution offers customizable, turnkey services that create platform-, media-, channel-agnostic strategies to deliver best-in-class campaign performance. AdReady is composed of three solutions: AdReady/Direct, AdReady/Boost, and AdReady/Access. AdReady/Direct focuses on maintaining one of the industry’s largest cross-channel direct response display networks, using new technologies to maximize ROI’s and efficiency. AdReady/Boost enables publishers to increase their reach, deals, and sessions by streamlining the implementation of ad strategies for small budget & local advertisers. AdReady/Access is a full-service media planning, buying, reporting and execution platform, as well as a reach-optimizing trade desk facilitated by a 24/7 managed service.

For us, performance is what matters, we know where to spend, who to target, and what media to leverage. Our proven models drive results and create additional revenue sources for publishers, advertisers, and brands. The main objective of AdReady/Direct is to execute cost-per-action campaigns that exceed KPIs through exclusive inventory, legacy partnerships, cutting-edge technologies, in-house optimization teams, and one of the largest display networks in the industry. Our access to these diverse channels, as well as a large affiliate network, allows us to work towards maximizing and increasing ROI and revenue. No “if, ands, or buts” about it; with AdReady/Direct you only pay for results.

With a 3x higher conversion rate than the industry average, the data speaks for itself. To achieve this AdReady/Direct focuses on connecting audiences to products and services with immediate action. AdReady/Direct continuously taps into new technologies, audits new platforms, and expands the definition of cross-channel to ensure our clients’ KPIs are met, and exceeded.

The AdReady/Direct media planning & buying success is rooted in our access to premium ad space, and our ability to identify quality targeted leads. Our team of cost-per-anything experts has worked tirelessly to discover, research, and test the best targeting and inventory technologies available. Through this process we’ve been able to develop a unique holistic approach to media planning and buying. Our team focuses on viewability, brand safety, transparency, cross-channel media, re-engagement, and unique programs.

What we’re trying to say is – “don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.” From simple desktop to pay-per-call and influencers, we have all the tricks in the book to correctly target audiences across all channels. By identifying hand-raisers and eliminating previous conversions, so our clients’ money is spent smartly. Our focus on viewability and brand safety allows us to beat industry benchmarks (including GroupM), by partnering with reputable publishers and exchanges, as well as (third-party) brand safety monitoring services. Our uncompromising attitude towards transparency and unique programs means you always know what media is available and how we’re planning and buying to maximize metrics like reach, viewability, targeting, and conversions.

AdReady/Access is a full service media planning, buying, reporting, and execution platform, as well as a reach optimizing trade desk team, with the mission of connecting media and audiences. Let’s face it: there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to digital media. It’s only through full scope techniques that both advertisers and publishers can see success. With this in mind, we’ve developed a platform and media-agnostic approach that enables our clients campaigns to exceed expectations. In some cases this has meant an over 380% increase in revenue over 3 years; and in other cases it means a marked increase in reach, recognition, and CTR.

The AdReady/Access platform has direct APIs into available programmatic inventory from the largest inventory supply, leverages unique targeting capabilities, and uses a large majority of secondary inventory sources. The AdReady/Access trading desk approach furthers our reach on behalf of our clients, offering full management of media buying outside our direct pipes. This part of the offering is designed to power media buying, execution, and reporting.

One focus of AdReady/Access is to provide Sales and Ad Ops support. We know that space-age tech might not be everyone’s bag. Investing in media planning and buying can be costly in both time and money. We have the teams and tools to provide our clients dedicated 24/7 support that decreases overhead and ensures they’re staying up to date with their offerings. It is our clients’ experience that partnering with Digital Remedy allows for efficiencies of time, staff, and ability to support client business without having to manage, supplement, or invest in the digital world and the teams required to manage those assets. AdReady/Access is ready to support your digital needs whether you’re a brand seeking new audiences and data, or a global agency looking for a white label digital solution.

Audience extension is another focus of the AdReady/Access platform. With the number of content sources continuously growing, it can become difficult to maintain your user base over time. We’ve found that the AdReady audience extension model has been invaluable for publisher clients. Not only are we driving additional revenue through targeting users off-network, but we’re also passing back valuable data insights. This data helps our clients more deeply understand the profile of their customers, helping to increase their business renewal rate.

While the AdReady/Access teams are the best in the industry, we would be unable to help our clients overachieve without a complex system of data resources. In fact, “Where’s the data?” could easily be the internal mantra of Digital Remedy. So, it’s usually no surprise to people who know us well that Digital Remedy employs and deploys a tremendous amount of resources against the collection, curation, verification, analysis, and reporting of data. With automated calls happening daily, and in some cases every 10 minutes, we connect over 25 active data sources to any given campaign. Often times we work with our client-partners to create custom dashboards, in some instances by initiative, KPI, or campaign, providing information about campaign performance, and delivery.

AdReady/Boost means no money gets left on the table. The AdReady/Boost platform enables publishers to increase their reach, deals, and sessions by streamlining the implementation of ad strategies for small budget & local advertisers. Via a white-labeled, self-serve platform, publishers never have to turn down any potential revenue sources. Small advertisers are able to easily sign-up and run their own campaigns, bypassing the need for publishers to employ more account managers and industry experts. AdReady/Boost is backed up by the AdReady commitment to viewability and brand safety, as well as a dedicated team of account managers ensuring that all guidelines and goals are met for both advertisers and publishers.