The second half of the year is always a crazy time, but that did not stop Harmony – our social responsibility team – from continuing their commitment to fostering a caring community. The team has grown tremendously this year, allowing Harmony to increase participation and impact across all three of our U.S. offices through a variety of first-time events, like our Holiday Children’s Carnival, and even annual classics like our Mental Health Week, Toys for Tots Toy Drive, and more.  

Check out below to learn more about the awesome events and initiatives that Harmony has accomplished to close out an amazing year! 

Yappy Hour & NOLA on Tap

Animals have always held a special place in the hearts of many Remedier’s, and this September, we were able to give back to local animal shelters through two unique events. In NOLA, the team took time out of their weekend to participate in NOLA on Tap, the largest beer festival in Louisiana that happens every year, where all proceeds benefit the Louisiana SPCA. Digital Remedy helped serve drinks to fest-goers in order to raise as much money as possible for the nonprofit organization which uses the funds to help eliminate animal suffering all across the state. This event not only gave our NOLA team the chance to give back to a cause they all care about, but it was also the perfect excuse to hang out with some furry friends outside of the office. 

That same week, our NYC team headed downtown to Animal Haven, a local no-kill animal shelter, where they worked side by side with staff to help clean the shelter and care for the animals. Remediers cleaned cages, prepped meals, bathed puppies, walked dogs, organized inventory, and did everything and anything to help the Animal Haven team. To close out the day, the team got to relax and have a “Yappy Hour” with pizza and drinks while playing with a few adoptable (and obviously adorable) dogs from the shelter.

Mental Health Week

In honor of World Mental Health Day on October 10th, Harmony hosted our Second Annual Mental Health Week. Full of programs and events, Mental Health Week is designed to encourage Remediers to learn about the ways in which you can improve and maintain your mental health in the workplace. This year, each day focused on a different topic that contributes to positive mental health. Our topics this year were: Healthy Space, Healthy Spirit, Healthy Mind, Healthy Heart, and Healthy Body. Daily communications were sent out each morning containing a schedule of the day’s activities, along with educational facts on mental health and helpful resources on getting help, helping others, or just starting a conversation. 

Though every activity was able to gain a great amount of participation in all three of our offices we, of course, had a few fan favorites. Kicking the week off on the right foot, we created healthier spaces by planting succulents that could then be kept and maintained right on our desks. Knowing that plants can help reduce stress, boost productivity, and increase creativity, everyone was happy to come together and pick their favorite succulent to care for for the rest of the year. On our healthy heart day, our NYC office was thrilled to once again be visited by our favorite pups from New York Therapy Animals. Everyone interested was given the opportunity to take a break from their workday and come sit with, pet, play with, and even hug their new furry friends, all while enjoying the therapeutic effects of a dog’s presence. Our final office favorite for the second year in a row was our Sunshine Notes. A week-long event, sunshine notes gave our employees the opportunity to share positive notes of appreciation and gratitude for their teammates. On Friday, everyone received their own bag of sunshine notes containing all the messages made especially for them. 

Our second year with Mental Health Week not only gained greater engagement from our employees, but also received recognition from Crain’s New York as a finalist for their “Best Idea” initiative at this year’s Best Places to Work luncheon! 

Toys for Tots & Jacket Drive

Digital Remedy continued some holiday traditions this year by holding our annual Toys for Tots Toy Drive and Winter Coat Drive in both our NOLA and NYC offices. Our Toys for Tots Drive was able to collect over 50 new and unwrapped toys before the holiday break that were donated to children in time for the holiday season. 

Our NYC office will once again be working throughout the rest of winter into the new year to collect as many winter coats for One Warm Coat, an organization that collects gently-worn winter gear and donates it to local groups and individuals in need. Meanwhile, NOLA will be working hard to support Project Lazarus, an amazing organization giving support to those affected by HIV/AIDS in the New Orleans community, with winter gear as well.  So far, participation has been overwhelming, and we are excited to see just how much we can do for these two great organizations. 

Lucky Forks Holiday Carnival

To close out the year in NYC, members of our Harmony Team was able to experience something new as we headed to the Lower East Side for a Holiday Carnival hosted by Lucky Forks’ Give Me Five in partnership with Knock Knock Give a Sock, aiming to bring together two communities in order to spread holiday cheer. With the help of 23 companies from the New York City area, over 150 homeless children and their families were treated to an afternoon of fun, food, and holiday spirit. 

Hopping, slipping, and sliding our way to the finish line, our team ran the Jingle Bell Race carnival booth. A holiday-themed potato sack race, kids and parents were encouraged to race in an attempt to be the first person to ring the bells at the finish line. Although winners got bragging rights, all children received a Digital Remedy Flying Elf as a prize for participating. Several hours, 150 flying elves, and a great workout later, our Harmony Team left the event truly feeling the holiday spirit and looking forward to more great events like this in the new year. Check out a full recap from the Lucky Forks Team here.

NOLA Steps Up Again!

Our NOLA Team also worked hard to spread some cheer this holiday season, stepping up big time to make sure that more people are able to have a joyful holiday. The magic started in November when the team decided to donate their annual Thanksgiving office lunch to their local Covenant House, a non-profit that dedicates time to provide housing and support services for homeless youth. They then took this time to throw their own potluck where Remediers were encouraged to bring in their own dishes to share their personal Thanksgiving traditions.

On the week before Christmas, the Harmony Team was able to unite the entire office once again to create one-of-a-kind, beautiful, festive, and fun holiday cards for their local St. Margaret’s Nursing Home. Hand-delivered the next day, the team was able to create over 60 cards to help brighten the spirits of those who are unable to spend the holidays with their loved ones.  

As we close out the year, our Harmony Team is excited to continue our work and create an even larger and more caring community in 2020. Keep an eye out for more updates to come!

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Jessica Cortapasso

With more than a decade of experience in human capital management, Jessica Cortapasso serves as VP of Human Resources at Digital Remedy. After graduating from Muhlenberg College, she quickly recognized her passion for people and entered the workforce in Human Resources where she gained expertise in employee relations, designing strategic benefit plans, and the development, implementation, and curation of corporate engagement initiatives for big-name brands and small companies alike. Becoming a member of the Digital Remedy family in 2013 while simultaneously acquiring her Masters Degree in Human Resources Management and Development from New York University, Jessica has steered company culture through significant events ranging from acquisitions and a rebranding, to the development and application of our Core Values that shape our daily business practices. Cortapasso resides in Brooklyn, plays competitive volleyball, and loves spending time with her nieces.

Erez Feld

Responsible for the financial and legal practices of Digital Remedy, Erez brings 22 years of experience in precision financial analysis, growth management practices, strategic acquisition, and investment leadership. A graduate of Hofstra University, Erez began his career modeling for corporate finance, and expanded his accounting prowess in the real estate sector. Erez joined Digital Remedy in 2008 as a senior accountant, and helped to create and build an accounting department that could support the rapid growth of the company and aligned with those needs. Over the past 12 years he has evolved through various positions at the company within the finance discipline, supervising and mentoring additional finance personnel, while growing under the tutelage of Michael Fleischman, former CFO of Digital Remedy. Today, he leads the Finance Department by supporting high-level projects such as acquisitions and restructuring, and is responsible for overseeing all financial assets, establishing financial procedures, controls, and reporting systems.

Michael Fleischman

After a successful career as an accomplished Fortune 500 financial professional leading Corporate Finance and Strategic Planning at Cablevision Systems Corporation and its programming subsidiary Rainbow Media Holdings, Michael currently plays a role in the overall management of Digital Remedy including direct responsibility for all financial-related activities including accounting, financial planning, M&A, legal, insurance, real estate and banking relationships. Michael brings more than 25 years of media experience at Cablevision and Rainbow Media and during his career was instrumental in the launching and managing of a number of cable television networks including 10 Regional Sports Networks across the US, American Movie Classics, Bravo, and the Independent film channel as well as the structuring of corporate partnerships with companies including Liberty Media, NBC, Fox/NewsCorp and MGM. Additionally, he was the finance lead on a number of professional sports team acquisitions including Madison Square Garden, the successful IPO of Cablevision and a tracking stock at Rainbow Media.Michael was involved in the creation and launch of Rainbow Advertising Sales which was one of the Cable Industry’s first Local Advertising Sales Divisions.

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