TV Insights

Data that matters. Strategy that delivers.

Want the scoop on your competitors?

Discover how to maximize your TV buys by uncovering competitor strategies, all the way down to network, daypart, and DMA level.

Through a combination of Inscape data and our industry leading Advanced Performance solution, our brands and agencies can leverage:

  1. Key Competitor Intel
  2. Cross-Platform Insights
  3. Full-Funnel Linear Measurement

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*Insights are based on Inscape data and therefore only available if advertisers are present in the data feed. Please allow 7 business days to receive insights.


Stay One Step Ahead of the Competition

Know exactly when and where your competitors are spending on Linear TV – and then optimize your strategy accordingly.

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Optimize Your Audience Across Media Channels

Use cross-platform insights to see how your media channels stack up against each other.


Linear Just Became Full Funnel

Leverage game changing metrics to discover where your campaigns are actually driving results.

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