Digital Remedy is off to a great start in 2019, and Harmony—our social responsibility team—is no exception. Harmony aligns our business expertise and passion with our desire to care for our local communities through fundraisers, events, and off-site visits, in an effort to get all Digital Remediers involved in initiatives that they care about. The Harmony Team aims to discover different organizations and opportunities that give our team the chance to lend their time toward something they are passionate about. 

We started the year with the goal to focus on growing in both size and impact. Starting with only seven members last year, our now 20 active members across our U.S. offices collaborate regularly to find new initiatives, activities, and events that benefit our employees and the communities in which we work. Each initiative helps bring the Digital Remedy together and emphasizes our core value of fostering a more caring community.

So, what exactly has Harmony been up to thus far in 2019? 


Red Nose Day

Digital Remedy has been a proud supporter of The Red Nose Foundation every May, and this year was no different. To try to do better than ever before, the Harmony Team combined two qualities into an event that almost every Remedier loves: food and competition. The First Annual Red Nose Day Bake Off was born. 

To participate, employees in each office were encouraged to whip up their greatest, tastiest, and sweetest treats to enter the competition for the chance to earn the title of the Digital Remedy Master Baker. From cookies to cupcakes, to everything in between, our Bakers did not disappoint with over 20 people entering their creations. Tasters were asked to make a donation of any size to become an official dessert judge and sample all of the treats. Spectators who didn’t want to face the inevitable sugar crash were still able to contribute to the cause and watch the madness ensue as Remediers flocked to try each and every dessert. You know…just to ensure they were making educated, balanced decisions. 

At the completion of the event, each Digital Remedy office crowned a Master Baker, whose delicious recipes stole the hearts (and taste buds) of their team members. More importantly, we exceeded all fundraising expectations, collecting over $950 throughout the week, nearly twice as much as ever raised before! 

To learn more about The Red Nose Foundation check out their website, and see all of the delicious recipes from the Bake Off here.



Wardrobe Swap Wednesday

Another significant event that closed out the first half of 2019 was inspired by Joe Gallagher, a beloved, late member of the Digital Remedy family. Joe was passionately involved with Covenant House, a privately funded foundation that provides shelter, food, and other services to homeless and runaway youth. To support this organization, Harmony hosted a wardrobe swap in order to collect much-needed clothing donations. Employees in both New York and New Orleans were told to collect any lightly-used or new clothing they no longer needed and bring it to the office where the kitchens were transformed into mini clothing stores. Those who brought in donations were encouraged to swap out any items, and then all leftover clothing at the end of the event was donated to Covenant House in New York City and New Orleans, as well as The Salvation Army. In total, our Harmony team was able to collect over 200 items to donate, allowing us to help two great organizations doing amazing work while continuing to honor Joe’s memory.


Digital Remedy Week

Yes, Harmony focuses heavily on community outreach. But another priority for the team is ensuring employees’ mental health and well-being are in a positive place, most importantly at the office. Our Harmony team recognizes most of our daytime hours are spent at work, and we want to ensure every team member feels happy, healthy, and comfortable during their time in our space. To help accomplish this, the Harmony Team designed Digital Remedy Week. A spirit week filled with themed days and fun activities to celebrate the energy Remediers bring with them each and every day, Digital Remedy Week provided a chance for everyone to get to know one another, breaking down the barriers across different teams, while having a little bit of fun along the way. The week included:

  • Pajama Day kicked off the week, putting an exclamation point on making rough Mondays a little more comfy, relaxed, and ready to tackle the rest of the week. 
  • Digital Remedy Day. Tuesday was all about showing our team pride. With team members wearing their Digital Remedy gear, and activities designed to get all employees getting to know team members they may not often interact with—Harmony was able to build a strong sense of team spirit! 
  • Hip hip hooray for Sports Day. Now that everyone knew they were on the same team, it was time to bring a little competitive spirit back into play. Remediers wore their favorite jerseys, repping their top teams (and maybe getting into a territorial debate or two defending their picks). The day ended with a workout class hosted on-site to get employees up and moving, away from their desks.
  • Meme Day – Who doesn’t like a great meme? Whether going solo or joining forces with other team members, this day gave everyone the chance to channel their creativity and pay homage to their favorite memes.
  • And, finally, Fancy Friday – After a day of silliness, it was time to get fancy. With our casual dress code, Fancy Friday allowed team members to dapper up for the day, dress to impress, and snag a new headshot.

The Harmony Team is working hard to create opportunities for the rest of 2019, and has some great events slated for the back half of the year. Stay tuned to learn more about the Harmony Team, or follow along with us on  Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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Jessica Cortapasso

With more than a decade of experience in human capital management, Jessica Cortapasso serves as VP of Human Resources at Digital Remedy. After graduating from Muhlenberg College, she quickly recognized her passion for people and entered the workforce in Human Resources where she gained expertise in employee relations, designing strategic benefit plans, and the development, implementation, and curation of corporate engagement initiatives for big-name brands and small companies alike. Becoming a member of the Digital Remedy family in 2013 while simultaneously acquiring her Masters Degree in Human Resources Management and Development from New York University, Jessica has steered company culture through significant events ranging from acquisitions and a rebranding, to the development and application of our Core Values that shape our daily business practices. Cortapasso resides in Brooklyn, plays competitive volleyball, and loves spending time with her nieces.

Erez Feld

Responsible for the financial and legal practices of Digital Remedy, Erez brings 22 years of experience in precision financial analysis, growth management practices, strategic acquisition, and investment leadership. A graduate of Hofstra University, Erez began his career modeling for corporate finance, and expanded his accounting prowess in the real estate sector. Erez joined Digital Remedy in 2008 as a senior accountant, and helped to create and build an accounting department that could support the rapid growth of the company and aligned with those needs. Over the past 12 years he has evolved through various positions at the company within the finance discipline, supervising and mentoring additional finance personnel, while growing under the tutelage of Michael Fleischman, former CFO of Digital Remedy. Today, he leads the Finance Department by supporting high-level projects such as acquisitions and restructuring, and is responsible for overseeing all financial assets, establishing financial procedures, controls, and reporting systems.

Michael Fleischman

After a successful career as an accomplished Fortune 500 financial professional leading Corporate Finance and Strategic Planning at Cablevision Systems Corporation and its programming subsidiary Rainbow Media Holdings, Michael currently plays a role in the overall management of Digital Remedy including direct responsibility for all financial-related activities including accounting, financial planning, M&A, legal, insurance, real estate and banking relationships. Michael brings more than 25 years of media experience at Cablevision and Rainbow Media and during his career was instrumental in the launching and managing of a number of cable television networks including 10 Regional Sports Networks across the US, American Movie Classics, Bravo, and the Independent film channel as well as the structuring of corporate partnerships with companies including Liberty Media, NBC, Fox/NewsCorp and MGM. Additionally, he was the finance lead on a number of professional sports team acquisitions including Madison Square Garden, the successful IPO of Cablevision and a tracking stock at Rainbow Media.Michael was involved in the creation and launch of Rainbow Advertising Sales which was one of the Cable Industry’s first Local Advertising Sales Divisions.

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