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Pushing Forward

In its history, CPXi maintained distinct divisions that evolved in parallel, creating capabilities that met the challenges faced by marketers, publishers and influencers. Some examples include bRealTime—a unit divested in 2016—provided programmatic solutions for both supply- and demand-side partners; Hatched.at, a lab for innovating new digital products and services; AdReady, a digital media execution partner, providing advertisers and publishers turnkey platform-based services that deliver cross-channel solutions designed to drive campaign performance; and, Consumed Media, a content production house that developed unique content and engagement strategies for advertisers, publishers and social influencers.

Today, Digital Remedy enables publishers, advertisers and influencers to access the full potential of their digital assets. With unprecedented access, superior customer service, flawless execution, and our proprietary, strategic solutions working together, Digital Remedy aims to be the marketing technology partner of choice.

Serving All

One of the underlying tenets of Digital Remedy is the belief that both marketers and content creators are our clients. We understand that the digital landscape is only connected and efficient if all parties can win together. We also understand that bringing value to both sides of the equation is a key to not only the success of our clients, but to the entire ecosystem. Add to that a deep respect for consumers’ rights, and a focus on their overall online experience…and we believe we have the right formula.

Giving Back

As important as anything else we could tell you about who we are, is our commitment to giving back. From the personal philanthropic commitments of our CEO – to our commitment, providing a platform and resource for those interested in learning about those using the internet to do good things (CPXample) – the understanding that ‘with power, comes responsibility’ is part of our DNA.

Meet The Team

Michael Seiman

CEO and Founder / Chairman, Board of Directors

Michael Fleischman

Chief Financial Officer

David Zapletal

EVP Media Optimization / Member, Board of Directors

Jeff Reitzen

EVP Innovation and Operations

Tiffany Coletti Kaiser

EVP, Marketing

Mike Juhas

EVP, Client Services

TJ Sullivan

EVP of Sales