Brand Lift Measurement

Measure the attitudinal impact of your branding campaigns to understand what’s working.


Cross-channel impact measurement

Tap into advanced campaign insights like awareness, familiarity, consideration, and favorability, and leverage metrics to boost performance and outperform your competitors.


A singular partner in measurement

Avoid having to source multiple partners for activation, optimization AND measurement by getting them all in one place.

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A cost-efficient option

Brand survey measurement can get expensive, especially if you want a solution that works well. Use our economies of scale for lower cost measurement vs. soliciting a third-party option.

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Comprehensive branding campaign transparency

Whatever your brand KPI is (awareness, perception, consideration, favorability) use Brand Lift to understand what creative, publishers, or channels are driving the biggest impact.



All your brand measurement in one place

If you’re looking to go beyond reach and frequency to understand impact, you can access a single brand measurement solution right with Digital Remedy.

Not sure which vendor to select or whose methodology is best? With Digital Remedy, countless successful campaigns mean our measurement solution works optimally every time.


Cost-effective measurement

Avoid excessive third-party fees—integrate measurement natively into your Digital Remedy campaign plan to add immense value or reduce cost.

Save time and resources searching for partners and invest in the trusted service and management of the Digital Remedy team.



Comprehensive campaign transparency

Understand exactly what’s working.

See which channels, creative, placements, and more are working best through sophisticated, survey-based measurement.


Related Capabilities

Incrementality Measurement and Optimization

Measure and isolate the impact of your media channels by examining conversion rates across users who are exposed to ads, and those who are not. Fuel future strategy success by dissecting which desired actions come about as a direct result of your campaigns with Incrementality Measurement and Optimization.

Halo Effect

Disconnected channels and campaigns create silos in your strategy. Reconnect your marketing with a comprehensive approach to engaging campaigns that link CTV spend to a cohesive strategy and improve multi-channel performance.

TV Insights

Combine the power of linear and digital TV to maximize scale and reach new audiences. With powerful measurement, easily optimize buys across digital by leveraging real time linear TV data and gain insight into underexposed audiences you can reach.

Ready to elevate your digital strategy?

We want your campaigns to thrive. Digital Remedy connects the right data to the highest performing channels to nail your dream KPIs—so you can feel confident your media spend is worth every penny.