Performance Audio Campaigns

Curate high-performance audio campaigns with strategic cross-channel advertising and watch your audience tune in for brand engagement at an ambitious scale.


Reach a wider audience with compelling audio

Reach millions of monthly users with dynamic audio advertisements across myriad formats, including podcast ads, digital radio/audio content, and online streaming platforms. Gather actionable insights on audience content preferences to reach users in all the right places.


Comprehensive audio inventory

Gain access to an extensive library of digital audio content and channels with the genres, content types, platforms, and podcast and music streaming publishers your campaigns need for maximum reach.


Bridge audio with other channels

Combine online audio advertising with cross-channel efforts to optimize performance marketing campaigns and deliver exceptional results via digital audio formats.


Low minimum spend requirements

Unlock a broad range of premium partners without the challenge of high minimum spend requirements—meaning you get exclusive publisher access across podcast and streaming music platforms.



A wealth of audio advertising at your fingertips

Unlock unparalleled audio advertising opportunities through the power of unified channel access.

Access premium podcast, streaming, and host-read resources to stay at the cutting edge of digital advertising.


Don't let spend impact digital audio advertising scale

Leverage purposeful economies of scale to keep audio ad campaigns at minimum spend and maximum reach.

Audio ad minimums won't prevent your brand from using the platforms or audio content publishers it needs to nail audience impact.



Tap into the benefits of streamlined audio advertising

Connect audio into your TV, Social, Search, and Display campaigns and watch your strategy shine.

Digital Remedy's bundled reach solution consists of top-tier inventory, allowing your digital audio ads to reach millions of active consumers across multiple formats and mainstream media channels.


Related Capabilities

Incrementality Measurement and Optimization

Measure and isolate the impact of your media channels by examining conversion rates across users who are exposed to digital audio advertising and those who are not. Fuel future strategy success by dissecting which desired actions your campaigns create with Incrementally Measurement and Optimization.

Halo Effect

Disconnected channels and campaigns create silos in your strategy. Reconnect your marketing with a comprehensive approach to engaging campaigns that link CTV spend to a cohesive strategy and improve multi-channel performance.

Performance CTV

End-to-end Performance CTV campaign management starts with picking from our direct marketplace of premium OTT inventory and placing a proprietary pixel to track site conversions. Then, access a real-time data and analytics dashboard to optimize toward your campaign success metrics.

Ready to elevate your digital strategy?

We want your campaigns to thrive. Digital Remedy connects the right data to the highest performing channels to nail your dream KPIs—so you can feel confident your media spend is worth every penny.