High-Impact Interactive Ads

Encourage consumer interaction with high-impact interactive ad formats.


Upgrade brand engagement, deliver performance

Nail multiple touchpoints and enhance user experience by leveraging mobile and tablet behavior patterns.


Ignite native interaction

Defy increased noise and shortened consumer attention span with high-impact creative.

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Make it viewable

Load post-ad and ensure above the fold placement to get more views than traditional formats.


Deliver better conversions

Relevant, interactive ads will increase the KPIs you care about most, whether building your brand or delivering specific campaign outcomes.



Augment audience engagement

Jumpstart conversion rates with immersive creative and contextual executions.

Amp up brand engagement and awareness across media types.


Ads designed with higher viewability

Ensure high viewability rates through non-intrusive ads that don’t disrupt user experience.

Your ads won’t load until content is viewable to ensure placement within accessible screen areas.



Get conversions naturally

Non-traditional, highly viewable ad placement encourages natural consumer interaction.

Brand and performance are inextricably linked: use high-impact formats to stay memorable in a crowded media space.


Related Capabilities

Social Boost

Dynamic social creative to scale your brand across the open web. Easily repurpose social media assets and turn them into ad formats to run across desktop, mobile web and app, and CTV on the open web in real-time.

Shoppable Creative

Turn your creatives into a powerful tool for conversion. Layer on touch pattern technology to merge branding and product storytelling with mid and low funnel action items.

Incremental Reach Analysis

Increasing OTT streaming video consumption is impossible to capture across linear. Capture extended audiences through incremental reach and frequency capping across your entire TV buy.

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