TV Advertising Attribution

Better understand the impact of your linear and CTV campaigns using the attribution model of your choice.


Hold your linear and CTV campaigns accountable

Linear has traditionally been a black box and disconnected from CTV; with TV Attribution, understand what exposures are delivering outcomes across both CTV and linear.

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Understand the influence of linear and CTV

Look at your linear and CTV campaigns holistically and use attribution to get transparency into what drives results across both channels.

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Build a cohesive TV strategy

Remove the walls between your linear and CTV campaigns by using attribution to see what generates performance.


Unlock insights at your fingertips

Get easy-to-access insights that show you on a granular level what exactly is delivering the outcomes you care about.



CTV and linear impact transparency

Better understand the influence of your CTV and linear TV campaigns.

From first touch to last touch and everything in between, match with the most optimized attribution model for your campaign.


Comprehensive TV strategy

Connect your full TV strategy across Linear and CTV.

Use the attribution model of your choice to understand how your TV campaigns drive campaign metrics.

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Catch more audience value

Access CTV and linear TV insights to streamline audience exposure and optimize ROI.

Dig into the consumer path across Linear and CTV to make more strategic buying decisions.


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TV Insights

Combine the power of linear and digital TV to find the exact right audience. Measure and optimize buys across digital by leveraging real time linear TV data and gaining higher transparency to hidden audiences.

Linear TV Buying

A comprehensive TV media approach leverages National, and Local, Broadcast and Cable Linear TV buys to drive brand awareness and audience reach at scale. End-to-end strategic planning paired with linear expertise and media spend efficiency tactics guarantee your high performance outcomes.

Performance CTV

End-to-end Performance CTV campaign management starts with picking from our direct marketplace of premium OTT inventory and placing a proprietary pixel to track site conversions. Then, access a real-time data and analytics dashboard to optimize toward your campaign success metrics.

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