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We love new tech, integrating with new platforms, and pushing ourselves to overcome obstacles. Most of all, we love seeing our clients succeed. If that means longer hours and more coffee, so be it. At the end of the day we’re here to guide your content, teams, offerings, and campaigns as far as they can go.

The Digital Remedy Difference

Digital Remedy is a well traveled and experienced media holding company. We have the battle scars and trophies from years of experience in enabling publishers, agencies, advertisers, influencers, and start-ups to exceed their goals.

So, what makes us unique? It’s our lead seat at the table through Digital’s evolution that makes us the best partner for the long haul. It’s our ability to understand exactly what our clients need now, and will need two years from now. And, it’s our understanding that through mutual evolution, comes more success, more knowledge, and better business.

Pillars of Success

Premium Inventory

Access inventory from multiple sources without additional headache of establishing unique partnerships.


Ensure all campaigns are trafficked on behalf of our client-partners to beat industry best practices.

Brand Safety

Through partnerships with reputable publishers and exchanges, as well as with third party brand safety monitoring services.

Targeting Technologies

Limitless targeting/re-targeting equations ensure the right audience for each campaign or initiative.


Maintaining transparency so our clients know where all of their dollars are going.

Unique, Cross-Channel Programs

Geared toward client goals, using an optimized media mix to beat KPIs.

Who Are You?

However you fit into the digital ecosystem, our solutions, technology, and people are here to guide you.


Content creation, white label solutions, and customized campaign management can be expensive, time consuming, and resource heavy. That’s where Digital Remedy steps in. We’ve put in the years of experimentation, research, success, and failure so that you don’t have to. Find out more about how we’re pushing advertiser and agency campaigns as far as they can go.


Despite growing numbers, good articles, and well performing videos, you know there’s more to get out of your property(ies) and publications. We know this game, and we’ve been winning at it for years. Whether it’s freeing up internal resources or expanding audience segments, the secret to the Digital Remedy publisher solutions is an extreme focus on understanding our clients KPI’s, and knowing what it takes to outperform.


Managing whole teams of digital experts, auditing campaigns for effectiveness, analyzing sheets of data. None of this is easy, or fun, which is why we’re here. Harness the power of optimized digital solutions to drive campaign success and empower rich, smart experiences for your clients.

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If you have any questions, think that we could be the right fit for your business, or just want to chat about anything digital (or not digital), shoot us a message. We would love to hear from you.

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