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Is your goal to build your brand, change perceptions, and create awareness? Performance Brand will ensure your campaigns harness the best media channels for each unique brand KPI. Performance marketing isn’t just for direct response marketers—Digital Remedy is your partner in reaching the right audience, with the right message, at the right time.

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Solution Analytics

Proof is in the numbers

With Digital Remedy on your team, you’ll gain Performance Brand data that stands up for itself.

OTT Publishers

Reach your audiences at scale through a single access point that connects nearly 50 OTT publishers.

Years of High-Performance Media Solutions

Digital Remedy has been building solutions to connect marketers to their audiences across channels for over two decades.

Industry Partners

Access an industry of capabilities in one place to ensure you are making the most impact through high quality, targeted media.

We understand your Performance Brand challenges


Lack of audience impact

Changing perception is difficult; it requires your message to be heard. An impossible feat when you don’t know which channels best engage your campaigns, or what creative will make the best impression.


Difficulty knowing what works and what doesn’t work

To affect the right audience, you need to understand who they are, where they are, and what influences them. Brand marketers often lack this exact insight, inhibiting their ability to drive impactful, audience-focused campaigns.


Path to purchase is disconnected from branding

Performance marketers are well aware that branding has a direct impact on conversions. Poor branding leads to poorly optimized conversion paths, making it near impossible to connect brand performance to lower funnel KPIs.


Lack of insights to boost campaign optimization

Insights are a scarce resource for brand marketers. Without them, finding the right channels, pinpointing high-propensity audiences, and understanding what strategy works best is insurmountable.

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Why Performance Brand?


Each impression makes an impression

Changing customer perception requires remarkable messaging: messaging that reaches the exact right audience, on the exact right channel, at the exact right time. Performance Brand is an omnichannel solution that targets ideal audiences across any channel, reaching them with effective campaigns and sealing the deal on your marketing outcomes.


Streamline the purchase funnel

Modern marketers understand that the funnel has given way to more of a purchase path, and that this path is inextricably linked to brand perception. Take ownership of conversions by uncovering what drives your brand campaigns and how audience perception affects lower funnel KPIs. Optimize toward the optimal journey, not just a singular outcome.


Gain confidence in campaign effectiveness

Eliminate your indecision on which channels to run, when you should activate, who you should target. With Digital Remedy’s access to all major media channels, from linear to CTV and search to social, you can inform strategy with accurate insights and fulfill unique branding goals.


Strengthen campaigns with reliable insights

Data transparency enables smarter strategy. Discover which publishers are driving the most value, which creative inspires the most influence, and which channels your audience engage with the most—achieving the exact right media mix to exceed your campaign goals.

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Why Digital Remedy

From media planning and execution to campaign optimization and analytics, we’re your partner in optimized cross-channel media solutions that solve digital marketing challenges and drive higher results.

100+ experts across North America, 20 years of high-performance media solutions, 70% of us providing service in some capacity. We put our clients first, from start to finish.


What Performance Brand Can Do For You

You have unique performance marketing challenges, and we have the granular, optimized solutions to match.

Omnichannel Inventory

Reach your audiences with a frequency that converts. Premium omnichannel inventory provides marketers with multi-channel access at scale, equipping your team with a single media partnership in analytics and strategy optimization.

Digital Out of Home (DOOH)

Traditional out-of-home opportunities fueled by digital potential. This mobile-tracked, audience-targeting capability converts movement data into actionable insights with engaging and contextually relevant campaigns. Create a programmatic advertising environment on bar tablets, gas station screens, digital billboard screens, and more.

Contextual Targeting

Reach the right consumers at the right time with ads in contextually relevant environments. Engaged audiences will ensure your brand garners key performance metrics with every campaign.

Social Boost

Easily repurpose social media assets into ads across desktop, CTV, mobile apps, and web with streamlined ease. Maintain creative and message consistency across social and open web while building powerful display campaigns.

High-Impact Creative

Igniting native interaction is complicated nowadays by cluttered online spaces and shortened attention spans. Encourage brand engagement with immersive creative experiences that account for consumer behavior, building highly visible campaigns that drive high conversion.

Brand Lift Measurement

Avoid expensive measurement solutions and lack of data transparency through partnership with Digital Remedy. Our cross channel impact measurement provides key performance insights and the opportunity to assess campaign impact in comparison to competitors.


The Latest in Performance Brand

Building a strong brand presence and driving impressions with creative, inventory, and targeting is no easy feat. Explore these expert resources to find out why Performance Brand is right for you.


Find out for yourself

Dig into stories from brands that have trusted Digital Remedy to reach the right audience, with the right message, at the right time.

One thing I really appreciate about Digital Remedy is their responsiveness. They respond to requests within the hour and keep us informed of the status until the request is complete - which is usually very quick. They go out of their way to understand the goals of our clients and offer suggestions and optimizations for ways we can improve performance and measurement.

Senior Digital Strategist

VI Marketing


The day-to-day team is truly wonderful to work with and immediate in responding to our needs. We adore working with them and are always looking for opportunities to extend our relationship in order to work with them more!

Director of Growth



As a brand managing a multitude of paid channels, working with Digital Remedy has been a dream. Unlike other digital agencies that operate in the interests of their own profit, Digital Remedy genuinely operates to our KPIs and interests.

Director of Growth