Performance CTV Campaign Management

Choose from our direct marketplace of premium OTT inventory and place a proprietary pixel to track site conversions.


End-to-end CTV campaign management

Access a real-time data and analytics dashboard to optimize toward your campaign success metrics.


Singular strategy hub

Manage, optimize, and measure your OTT campaigns.


In-depth analytics

Total report transparency to gain key insights and boost future campaigns.


Use CTV to deliver performance

Dig into the consumer journey post ad viewing to optimize their conversion path.



Irreplaceable CTV insights

Gain access to an inventory of premium OTT publishers and sophisticated reporting dashboards.

Real time performance insights to optimize towards the KPIs that matter most.


Track actions, not just views

Hone in on what actions your audiences takes, illuminating where your campaigns need optimization the most.

Select from a variety of attribution models and get insights using the one you like best.



Bulk up your strategic approach

Layer on Halo Analysis and Incrementality Analysis to supplement Performance CTV benefits.

See how CTV influences the outcomes other channels drive through our Halo Effect capability.


Related Capabilities

Incrementality Measurement and Optimization

Measure and isolate the impact of your media channels by examining conversion rates across users who are exposed to ads, and those who are not. Fuel future strategy success by dissecting which desired actions come about as a direct result of your campaigns with Incrementality Measurement and Optimization.

Halo Effect

Disconnected channels and campaigns create silos in your strategy. Reconnect your marketing with a comprehensive approach to engaging campaigns that link CTV spend to a cohesive strategy and improve multi-channel performance.

Performance Audio

Nail Performance Audio campaigns with engaging cross-channel advertising. Reach millions of monthly users across audio inventory including digital radio, podcasts, and online streaming. Target more audiences and learn about their audio and content preferences.

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