Digital Out of Home (DOOH)

Out-of-home opportunities fueled by the potential of digital.

Premium Inventory

Find your audience—even when they’re not at home

Create immediate experiences to connect with viewers during the most impactful moments of their day on bar tablets, gas station screens, digital billboard screens, and more.


Reach unplugged audiences in the real world

Reach your digital audience ads even when they’re disconnected from the desktop, mobile, tablet, and OTT devices that traditionally serve online ads.


Establish familiarity away from personal devices

Connect with your audience in out of home locations where a visual touchpoint may influence a purchase decision or choice.

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Augment campaigns and drive more actions

Target by vertical, enhance other programmatic channels, and drive actions such as web conversions.



Reach a real world audience in the real world

While consumer lives grow busier, so do the channels we can reach them on. Tap into cross-channel strategy and combine social media and DOOH to drive awareness.

Inform your campaigns with real world data: Analyze the relationship between physical actions and user visitation patterns to reach your audience at the right time and place.


Target niche out-of-home audiences

Based on the location of the screen, choose relevant audiences to assume where your user is served ads.

Increase the impact of your exposure. With Geo location, understand where your customers move in the real world and extend reach to mobile to encourage quick, effortless activation.



Cross-channel audience reach

Use DooH to extend your reach and optimize the frequency of your overall digital campaign strategy.

Build established connections and additional touchpoints to increase brand awareness through channels like display, search, social, and TV.


Related Capabilities

Omnichannel Inventory

Reach your audiences with a frequency that converts. Omnichannel Inventory provides marketers with multi-channel access at scale, equipping your team with a single media partnership in analytics and strategy optimization.

Premium OTT Inventory

Unified access to over 50 premium OTT publishers drives optimization toward the audiences, publishers, content, and creative that will achieve your unique marketing outcomes.

Incremental Reach Analysis

Increasing OTT streaming video consumption is impossible to capture across linear. Capture extended audiences through incremental reach and frequency capping across your entire TV buy.

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