KPI Measurement Tools

Our world class experts work across strategy, execution and optimization using your data to build solutions that apply to your unique goal. No KPI is too big or too small to drive optimal campaign performance.


Measure any KPI

Focus on brand awareness by monitoring site traffic, conversions, clicks, and custom pixel reporting.

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Expansive reporting that solves for advertiser challenges

Visualize campaign impact based on key brand KPIs in a dynamic dashboard, custom analysis, or raw data delivery.

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KPIs for any campaign, any scale

Unique campaigns require unique KPIs. Digital Remedy allows you to define custom metrics and leverage measurement methodology suited to specific campaign objectives.

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Measurement into optimization

Measurement isn’t valuable unless it translates into optimization. With Custom Measurement, leverage insights into cross-channel optimization.

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Hone in on campaign objectives

Glean custom insights and measurement tied directly to advertiser goals.

Insights at your fingertips through an authenticated dashboard. View multi-channel campaign performance and pinpoint what they’re delivering to optimize further.


Reporting the way that makes sense to you

Gain custom KPIs that align with your unique campaign goals.

Get analytics that directly speak to your branding goals—whether that's in-demo reach and frequency, or reporting that shows impact on awareness, perception, or consideration.



Use measurement to increase the value of your media campaigns

Work with us to translate metrics into insights for optimization purposes and then lean on us to optimize your media campaigns to higher performance.

Use measurement to understand the level of brand impact your campaigns deliver, then leverage insights to target optimal audiences with the right channels and creative.


Related Capabilities

Incrementality Measurement and Optimization

Measure and isolate the impact of your media channels by examining conversion rates across users who are exposed to ads, and those who are not. Fuel future strategy success by dissecting which desired actions come about as a direct result of your campaigns with Incrementality Measurement and Optimization.

Halo Effect

Disconnected channels and campaigns create silos in your strategy. Reconnect your marketing with a comprehensive approach to engaging campaigns that link CTV spend to a cohesive strategy and improve multi-channel performance.

Attribution Methodologies

Understand the impact of your media on action-based KPIs with campaign-centric attribution methodologies. Transcend traditional attribution and pinpoint real-time impact for each touchpoint on the customer journey that leads to conversion.

Ready to elevate your digital strategy?

We want your campaigns to thrive. Digital Remedy connects the right data to the highest performing channels to nail your dream KPIs—so you can feel confident your media spend is worth every penny.