OTT Advertising

Access all major streaming platforms in a singular hub.

Premium Inventory

Reach OTT audiences without restriction

Unified access to over 50 premium OTT publishers drives optimization toward the audiences, publishers, content, and creative that will achieve your unique marketing outcomes.

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Scale across premium publishers

Don’t limit yourself to one or two OTT publishers when you can access all major streaming platforms in a singular partner.

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Access comprehensive premium inventory in one place

OTT offers a huge variety of content to reach ideal audiences in premium environments.

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Avoid high minimum spend requirements

Minimums can be prohibitive if your budget is limited and minimums across OTT partners can add up. With Digital Remedy, tap into our economies of scale to stay within budget.



Multi-publisher access

Access all major OTT publishers and platforms through Digital Remedy.

Scale beyond just one or two publishers and unlock an industry of OTT premium inventory.


Multi-DSP access

Avoid the limitation of only one DSP for OTT advertising.

Unlock inventory across DSPs including all major OTT publishers and YouTube TV.



Low barrier to entry

Low minimum spend requirement.

Multiple publishers with minimum spend requirements can add up and limit your access to scale—skip the hassle by running all your OTT with Digital Remedy.


Related Capabilities

YouTube TV

Tap into all the premium inventory YouTube has to offer and gain the transparent reporting your marketing needs to reach audiences at their source. Take full advantage of YouTube TV with full-stack managed service, simplified buying process, and optimized audience reach.

Performance CTV

End-to-end Performance CTV campaign management starts with picking from our direct marketplace of premium OTT inventory and placing a proprietary pixel to track site conversions. Then, access a real-time data and analytics dashboard to optimize toward your campaign success metrics.


Traditional out-of-home opportunities fueled by digital potential. This mobile-tracked, audience-targeting capability converts movement data into actionable insights with engaging and contextually relevant campaigns. Create a programmatic advertising environment on bar tablets, gas station screens, digital billboard screens, and more.

Ready to elevate your digital strategy?

We want your campaigns to thrive. Digital Remedy connects the right data to the highest performing channels to nail your dream KPIs—so you can feel confident your media spend is worth every penny.