Performance Action

Drive action-based outcomes like sales, conversions, foot traffic, subscriptions, visits, downloads, and more with robust digital media strategy and optimization capabilities.


Solution Analytics

Proof is in the numbers

With Digital Remedy on your team, you’ll gain Performance Action data that stands up for itself.

Average ROAS

Digital Remedy clients see major returns on action-based campaign investments.


Performance Action drives 100s of millions of actions for our clients.


Digital Remedy provides access to 100s of partners to ensure we deliver on value, transparency, and high media quality.

We understand your Performance Action challenges

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Holding media accountable to high outcomes

Measuring conversions across channels outside of search and social—like CTV and Audio— is complicated to navigate alone.


Lack of performance transparency

Difficulty understanding what drives results and how to increase optimizations via custom actions.


Generating significant media outcomes

Performance marketers struggle to achieve high ROAS across media channels while maintaining well-optimized KPIs.

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Inability to see true media impact

Measurement methodologies are confusing and inaccurate, blocking insights to conversions defined within unique attribution windows.



Why Performance Action?


Linking specific media to outcome generation

Whether CTV, audio, search, social, or display, your team will understand exactly where results are coming from—down to the publisher, audience, creative, and platform.


Optimize towards a variety of action-based KPIs

From online conversions, sales, leads, downloads, subscriptions and more, optimize multi-channel campaigns to the KPIs that matter most.


Unique performance reporting to your exact specifications

Receive insights in a dynamic dashboard, have custom reporting developed, or access analytics directly—choose the method of data comprehension that’s right for you.


Custom KPI measurement

Understand the impact of your media on action-based KPIs using the best attribution method and window for your campaigns.

Why DR Element

Work with us

Why Digital Remedy

From media planning and execution to campaign optimization and analytics, we’re your partner in optimized cross-channel media solutions that solve digital marketing challenges and drive higher results.

100+ experts across North America, 20 years of high-performance media solutions, 70% of us providing service in some capacity. We put our clients first, from start to finish.


What Performance Action Can Do For You

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)

Personalize and optimize the performance of your creative using real-time technology. Serve highly relevant ads with volume, efficiency and customization through product feeds and pixeling.

Predictive Prospecting

Performance marketers lack the resources and transparency necessary to locate the perfect audience and predict their potential conversion. Digital Remedy will find and reach your highest-propensity audiences with AI/ML analytics—predicting intent accurately and nailing campaign objectives through advanced targeting.


Find and engage audiences already activated by your campaign through Website Visitation Retargeting, Store Visitation Retargeting, Sequential Retargeting (Creative Retargeting), and CRM Retargeting. Drive even more engagement by accessing audiences exposed to search and social but haven’t yet converted.

Interactive Creative

Reach consumers with the most relevant message through thousands of automatically-rendered personalized ads, ready for delivery anywhere and everywhere your audience is. Increase brand impact and conversions through interactive content that garners 2x the engagement than static content.

Omnichannel Inventory

Reach your audiences with a frequency that converts. Omnichannel Inventory provides marketers with multi-channel access at scale, equipping your team with a single media partnership in analytics and strategy optimization.

Custom Measurement

Build custom solutions that fit your unique goals. We work across strategy, execution, and optimization using your data to derive insights and measurement that pertains directly to advertiser goals. Turn analytics into actionable optimizations that create success across key performance metrics.


The Latest in Performance Action

Delivering, measuring, and optimizing outcomes with the right people and technology can be an immense challenge. Engage with these expert resources to find out how Digital Remedy can streamline Performance Action.


Find out for yourself

Explore case studies from clients that have used Digital Remedy to grow successful, end-to-end action-based marketing campaigns.

"The granularity of reporting has been a key asset in analyzing and optimizing our media and creative mix. Clean, effective, and customizable."

Media Director, Digital

Ron Foth Advertising


"We were able to follow near-real-time reporting of how our campaigns were driving visits to state attractions, as well vital campaign delivery and performance data, all in one place."

Senior Digital Strategist

VI Marketing