Retargeting Ads

Drive site conversions based on visitors who show interest.


Reach engaged audiences

Use Website Visitation Retargeting, Store Visitation Retargeting, Sequential Retargeting (Creative Retargeting), or CRM Retargeting to nail campaign outcomes and keep consumers engaged.


Activate engaged audiences

Find audiences already engaged with your campaign and reach them again to push conversion.

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Link retargeting capabilities with media buys

Layer retargeting capabilities into your overall media campaign to build a robust performance marketing strategy.

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Increase returns on search and social

Combat diminishing returns on search and social by using retargeting to increase cross-channel conversions.

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Hold on to engaged visitors

Find and engage audiences already activated by your campaign.

Maximize performance outcomes like awareness, site visits, online purchases, subscriptions and more.


One stop retargeting shop

Access a suite of retargeting capabilities in one place.

Target users based on their past interactions with your website.

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Snag lost conversions

Tap into reactive audiences exposed to search and social that haven’t converted.

Search and social are saturated with content and advertising—use retargeting to revive campaign performance.


Related Capabilities

Predictive Prospecting

Performance marketers lack the resources and transparency necessary to locate the perfect audience and predict their potential conversion. Digital Remedy will find and reach your highest-propensity audiences with AI/ML analytics—predicting intent accurately and nailing campaign objectives through advanced targeting.

Contextual Targeting

Reach the right consumers at the right time with ads in contextually relevant environments. Engaged audiences will ensure your brand garners key performance metrics with every campaign.

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)

Deliver relevant messaging for each impression. Real-time creative customization to drive high performance. Serve relevant ads with volume and efficiency toward unique campaign goals through product feeds and pixeling.

Ready to elevate your digital strategy?

We want your campaigns to thrive. Digital Remedy connects the right data to the highest performing channels to nail your dream KPIs—so you can feel confident your media spend is worth every penny.