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Experience the power of a 360-degree Performance TV strategy to reach users right where they are. Access linear inventory with lower minimums, tap into a variety of OTT publishers, unlock insights to synchronize linear and CTV, and optimize performance across dynamic connected TV channels.

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Proof is in the numbers

Reach major performance marketing outcomes with the same ad spend—or lower. With Digital Remedy, you'll gain Performance TV metrics that speak for themselves.

Average ROAS

Hold TV accountable to ROAS and ensure major returns on your CTV investment.

Boost in Search and Social Conversion Rates

Clients see an average 316% lift in search and social while running CTV with Digital Remedy.

Attributed Actions

Digital Remedy has driven millions of effective outcomes through CTV campaigns.

We understand your Performance TV challenges

Valuable, connected TV advertising campaigns come with unique pain points: let's tackle them together.


High cost of running campaigns across multiple OTT publishers

Lack of access to multiple OTT channels leaves your unique digital campaign needs unmet, complicates audience targeting, and increases ad spend.


Higher quality CTV campaign performance

Any Performance TV strategy should produce measurable results. Your campaigns can't afford the risk of not optimizing performance quickly and leaving value on the table.


Disconnection between Linear and CTV campaigns

Lacking audience insights to optimize CTV advertising delivery against your linear buys leads to unaligned ad campaigns.

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Accessing the reach and impact of Linear TV

Linear TV inventory is difficult and expensive for advertisers to buy, heightening barriers to your brand's ability to reach the right audience with ads that will capture viewer attention.

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Why Performance TV?


Access multiple OTT publishers in one place

No need for multiple partners or the limit of high minimum TV advertising spends with Digital Remedy. Optimize your TV campaign with unified access to all major OTT publishers and streaming content platforms.


Connect linear and CTV through insights

Derive key viewer insights to pinpoint where linear TV advertising campaigns are over or under-delivering while leveraging CTV to reach underserved audiences.


Enhance ROI with CTV

Performance insights maximize TV advertising campaign delivery to publishers, audiences, and advertisers with high-performance creatives that increase ROAS.


Streamlined Linear TV

Digital Remedy provides Linear TV inventory with lower minimum spend requirements and far less hassle.

Why DR Element

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Why Digital Remedy

From media planning and execution to campaign optimization and analytics, we’re your partner in optimized cross-channel media solutions that solve digital marketing challenges and drive higher results.

100+ experts across North America, 20+ years of high-performance media solutions, 70% of us providing service in some capacity. We put our clients first, from start to finish.

What Performance TV Can Do for You

Related Capabilities

Premium OTT Inventory

Unified access to over 50 premium OTT publishers and streaming tv platforms drives optimization toward the audiences, publishers, content, and creative that will achieve your unique marketing and sales outcomes.

Linear TV Buying

A comprehensive TV media approach leverages National and Local Linear TV buys to drive brand awareness and audience reach at scale. End-to-end strategic planning paired with linear television expertise and media spend efficiency tactics guarantee high-performance outcomes for your business.

TV Insights

With cross-platform measurement and competitor intel at your fingertips, TV Insights uncovers true TV advertising campaign performance, from unduplicated reach to linear conversion metrics. Combined with strategic TV expertise make smarter, data-driven decisions to power your future Performance TV ads.

Halo Effect

Disconnected channels and campaigns create silos in your performance marketing strategy. Reconnect your marketing with a comprehensive approach to engaging campaigns that link CTV spend to a cohesive strategy and improved multi-channel performance.

Attribution Methodologies

Go beyond traditional attribution and understand the true impact of your performance marketing. See the influence of your digital marketing media more deeply with data visualization and reporting that effortlessly determines the frequency and value of customer journey touchpoints resulting in full or partial conversions.

Custom Measurement

Build custom solutions that fit your unique goals. Digital Remedy works across strategy, execution, and optimization, leveraging your data for key insights that can directly inform campaign goals. Turn analytics into actionable optimizations and nail effortless KPI success.

Relevant Resources

The latest in Performance TV

Nailing performance with premium CTV inventory or optimizing performance TV platform spend by linking Digital and Linear strategies can be challenging. Dig into these expert resources and discover how to simplify Performance TV from strategy to execution.

Client Testimonials

Find out for yourself

Check out brands that have used Digital Remedy to build comprehensive, successful Performance TV marketing and advertising campaigns.

"Digital Remedy's Performance CTV platform has changed how we can utilize CTV and OLV placements to measure our client's KPI goals more accurately and effectively."

Media Director, Digital

Ron Foth Advertising


"...the Performance CTV platform is driving outstanding results for us and when in a head-to-head test on engagement post view, Performance CTV platform outperformed other OTT vendors…"

VP, Media Services

Adams & Knight


"We were able to follow near-real-time reporting of how our campaigns were driving visits to state attractions, as well vital campaign delivery and performance data, all in one place."

Senior Digital & Data Strategist

VI Marketing