Measurement and Optimization

Measure and isolate the impact of your media channels by examining conversion rates across users who are exposed to ads, and those who are not.


Hone in on impact of your media channels

Fuel future strategy success by dissecting which desired actions come about as a direct result of your campaigns.


Track where it matters most

Account for native demand and other media’s impact on overall performance through action tracking.


Get to the heart of it

Assess a true, bottom-line impact (vs CPA).


Quit actively optimizing against your bottom line

What works incrementally rarely reflects what works directly: streamline your campaigns with direct measurement and optimization.



Pinpoint preferred actions

Measure which desired actions occurred as a direct result of a campaign, or variable within a campaign.

Whether it’s purchases or site visits, identify what’s specifically driving performance.


Connect bottom line and CPA

Assess the media’s impact on your bottom line, not just CPA.

Discover what drives results, not just what they cost.



Dig into audience exposure

Get to the bottom of knowing if people exposed to your ads respond at a higher rate.

Discover the difference in conversions for audiences exposed to ad vs. those that are not in order to drive smarter campaign outcomes.


Related Capabilities

Attribution Methodologies

Gain insight into how your media affects action-based KPIs by using campaign-centric attribution methods. Go beyond conventional attribution to precisely identify the immediate influence of every interaction point along the customer journey that ultimately results in conversions.

Halo Effect

Disconnected channels and campaigns create silos in your strategy. Reconnect your marketing with a comprehensive approach to engaging campaigns that link CTV spend to a cohesive strategy and improve multi-channel performance.

Custom Measurement

Our world class experts work across strategy, execution and optimization using your data to build solutions that apply to your unique goal. Focus on brand awareness by monitoring site traffic, conversions, clicks, and custom pixel reporting. No KPI is too big or too small to drive optimal campaign performance.

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