20 04, 2018

GDPR Impact


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is almost here. Are you scared yet? You should be. It could cost four percent of your company’s worldwide revenue, or 20 million Euros (nearly $25m), whichever is HIGHER. The GDPR is going into effect May 25, 2018, and it has the digital world’s best data security, privacy, and [...]

17 04, 2018

Digital Remedy Acquires CrowdHere


In a strategic move in the content development, curation, and distribution arena, Digital Remedy has acquired the video crowdsourcing platform CrowdHere, and has appointed its CEO, Nick Pahade to Chief Operating Officer (COO) and President. Pahade, a media, agency, and AdTech veteran, is no stranger to Digital Remedy—he has served on the company’s Board, lending [...]

5 04, 2018

The Digiday Publishing Summit Spotlights Publishers’ Everyday Challenges


Leaders, innovators, and newcomers of the digital marketspace gathered in Vail, Colorado for the Digiday Publishing Summit, March 21-23, to discuss the various challenges impacting the publishing industry. Topics at the forefront of the conversation included Facebook’s viability as a traffic source, subscription modeling, video content, and user experience optimization. The same challenges are fueling [...]

3 04, 2018

Let’s Talk About Personal Data


There’s a lot of it out there. Some of it well guarded. Some of it loosely protected. All of it always in jeopardy of a hacker's whim. Data represents a “giant step for…”-moment, and despite the potential misuse of data, the positive impact that data has on the industry and global community is immeasurable. The [...]

30 03, 2018

Recognizing Commitment


Congratulations to the aluminum man, Erez Feld, Digital Remedy Controller. Erez joined the organization in 2008 as a member of the finance team and has been a dedicated team player, now leader, ever since. We can’t imagine our organization without him and look forward to the next decade. Thank you, Erez for 10 years! George [...]

26 02, 2018

IAB Annual Leadership Meeting 2018 – Leaders in Search of Guidance


Over 1,200 of the Digital Industry’s thought leaders and decision makers assembled in Palm Springs, February 11-13, to discuss the current state of Marketing, Media, Data, and Consumerism. There was an overlaying focus on the expanding Direct to Consumer (DTC/D2C) economy and what it takes to build a successful brand in today’s increasingly cluttered environment. [...]

12 02, 2018

Digital Supply Chain – Our Commitment to Compliance


"We cannot continue to prop up a digital supply chain ... which at times is little better than a swamp in terms of its transparency,” said Keith Weed, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Unilever, today at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting where he delivered the Keynote. Weed’s remarks come one year after Mark Pritchard, Chief [...]

9 02, 2018

Data Summit Review & Takeaways


Digital Remedy had the privilege of being invited to and attending the 4A’s Data Summit in NYC on Tuesday, thanks to the fabulous Louis Jones, EVP of Media & Data Practice, 4A’s. In addition to the summit being well executed, and a great place to network, it also served as a good Q1 refresher on [...]

15 11, 2017

We Don’t Want to Brag But…


Coming in at #11, Digital Remedy has been recognized as one of Ad Age’s 2017 Best Places to Work. Thanks to countless ping pong tournaments, karaoke nights, and our healthy obsession with Perry, our office pup, Digital Remedy is once again among the best of the best. Out of the hundreds of companies that compete [...]

31 10, 2017

Digital Remedy at The 6th Annual 3% Conference


This week, Tiffany Coletti Kaiser and Lucy Alvarez will be attending the 3% Conference in NYC. Digital Remedy is co-sponsoring a screening of the groundbreaking documentary, The Big Flip, followed by a panel discussion with the director of the film, Izzy Chan on Thursday, November 1st at 12:30PM. Tiffany is a longtime colleague of Izzy, [...]