The Growing Threat of IVT and Fight Against Ad Fraud

As invalid traffic (IVT) and ad fraud increases in scope and sophistication, it has become increasingly difficult for advertisers and agencies to ensure that their ad dollars are being spent on their desired audiences—i.e. real people in search of products or services. According to recent studiesabout $42b in revenue opportunities is lost each year due to bots and fake users. To provide the highest possible level of campaign security across media channels for our clients and help ensure every ad impression we serve is validated and delivered on high-quality, fraud-free inventory sources, Digital Remedy collaborates with Oracle Moat.

By integrating Oracle Moat’s brand safety and verification technology, Digital Remedy has successfully driven down IVT rates and increased viewability rates, consistently outperforming industry benchmarks quarter-over-quarter. With low fraud rates, Digital Remedy continues to hit client KPIs, especially on conversion-based campaigns, which has led to an overall increase in renewal rates among clients. Additionally, our team is able to access historical campaign performance to inform (and improve) current and future media strategies.

“With Oracle Moat, Digital Remedy is able to provide an unmatched level of confidence and trust by helping to ensure ads are served by real publishers, shown to real audiences, and clients are only paying for real conversions—effectively driving desired results among target consumers, whether it be an increase in site traffic or sales.” -Kevin Jones, VP of Media Buying

Partnership Expansion

Recent shifts towards OTT/CTV have resulted in an increased demand for (and investment in) these media channels. As many advertisers are setting viewability as a primary/secondary KPI, all are hyper-focused on the importance of delivering campaigns on fraud-free, IVT-free inventory. In early 2020, we expanded our work with Oracle Moat to include OTT/CTV environments, which allows us to proactively identify IVT in these environments, which had previously been difficult—if not impossible—to do. With Oracle Moat as a brand safety partner, we are able to mitigate the risk of fraudulent activity—identifying and rooting out new methods of IVT to stop ad fraud at the source—and ensure client ad spend is not wasted on fake users.

In today’s increasingly complex and fragmented ad space, it is critical for marketers to work with a trusted partner that has the experience, knowledge, scale, and ability to identify and block new threats as they emerge. Our work with Oracle Moat allows us to remain a leading media partner in the ad tech space thanks to our innovative ad solutions for verification, attention, and brand safety. We are excited to expand our collaboration further and strengthen our offering to continue to protect our clients across even more media types. To learn more, speak to a member of our team.