Welcome to the fourth episode of The Digital Dish, where we dish on all things ad tech! This episode focuses on Linear TV, including an overview of what we are seeing in the linear and streaming landscape, the industry challenges advertisers face, and the converged future of linear and CTV. Tune in to discover how combining these two strategies can effectively maximize your campaign impact.

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A new age of television has begun — one where linear and streaming CTV/OTT platforms coexist, compete, and create new possibilities for brands. Linear is a powerhouse channel for driving unprecedented reach and boosting top-funnel brand performance, but uncovering the true power of linear TV is at the convergence point of linear and digital. As shifts in audience viewership continue, the need for innovative strategy and a unified approach to cross-platform measurement has never been more important for advertisers.

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When you prioritize the combined power of a convergent TV strategy, you can:

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