Case Study

DTC Brand Expands to Podcast Advertising; Nearly Triples ROAS

The campaign delivered over 13.3m impressions and drove over 7.4k homepage visits.

Brand - Right

The Challenge

As digital audio (especially podcasts) continues to grow-with more content categories to choose from and audiences spending more time listening- performance-focused brands are integrating podcasts into their media mix to drive conversions among engaged audiences. Digital audio provides accessibility, flexibility, variety, and better opportunities to connect with key consumers throughout the day as they interact with relevant audio content. A direct-to-consumer women's apparel client wanted to leverage this channel to determine its effectiveness at driving site traffic and purchases among key consumers.

Our Solution

Through sequential messaging, display ads were delivered to target female audiences who were exposed to a podcast creative, keeping the brand top of mind and guiding consumers along the buying journey. Leveraging Digital Remedy's Performance Driven Solutions, the team made strategic, real-time optimizations against the client's KPIs based on conversion data (site visits and online purchases) which were gathered as the campaign ran-identifying and shifting budget towards the highest performing campaign variables, including creatives, audiences, podcast genres, geos, devices, publishers, and channels-while removing underperforming ones-to maximize performance and ROAS.

The campaign delivered over 13.3m impressions and successfully drove over 7.4k homepage visits, nearly 800 checkouts (40% occurred after less than two ad exposures), and over $122k in revenue-garnering a 291% return on ad spend (ROAS). Nearly 90% of checkouts were driven by display retargeting, confirming that running audio creatives in conjunction with sequential messaging was an effective tactic at driving action.

Digital Remedy provided the unique targeting capabilities, real-time optimization, and granular, data-driven insights to maximize the client's first audio campaign with us. This campaign will serve as a baseline to establish audio performance expectations and drive future marketing decisions. Based on performance, our team is working with the brand to potentially expand investment to include streaming audio on future campaigns.

Flight Dates

9/12/22 - 10/11/22


Media Type

Podcasts, Sequential Display Retargeting


Target Audience

Online W35+ Intimates/Apparel Shoppers; CRM & Lookalike


Target Audience

New York NY, Austin TX, Washington DC, Chicago IL, Philadelphia PA, Seatle-Tacoma WA, Los Angela CA, Portland OR, San Diego CA, San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose CA

Results To Date

Proof is in the numbers

Below are the results we achieved through audio and sequential display retargeting.

Homepage Visits
Homepage Visit CPA
Checkout CPA

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