Digital media history has been made!

U.S. internet advertising revenue totaled $107.5b for the full year of 2018.

This result officially marks the first time a full year revenue earned over $100b, according to the 2018 IAB/PwC Internet Advertising Revenue Report. These monumental earnings also show a 21.8% increase over the 2017 full year revenue.

The success doesn’t end there. $69.9b of the 2018 full year revenue was earned from mobile devices, a nearly 40% increase from 2017. Digital video accounted for the largest year-over-year rise among the revenue subcategories, earning $16.3b or over $4b more than the prior year. Additionally, social media revenue totaled $29b while audio rose to $2.3b by 2018.

The Takeaway

Internet advertising exemplifies ad tech’s ability to pivot for its worth year-over-year. Companies are aligned with digital’s impact on modern-day business success, causing industry leaders to actively use internet advertising on a continual basis. As a result, giving a larger stake in the overall budget to this type of advertising is becoming commonplace.

Mobile stabilizes its position of being the device of the future, overshadowing desktop and convincing advertisers to invest in its capabilities (just in time for the arrival and adoption of 5G). The rise of digital video indicates society’s enthusiasm for visually enhanced media, as well as supports the expected rise in popularity for video-centric channels like OTT/CTV devices. Audience’s dependence on social media and interest in audio are also making brands rethink which formats best reach and engage their target market.