At Digital Remedy, a performance marketing partner for all brands and agencies, we are committed to bettering our services to provide better solutions for our clients. Today, we announce a license agreement with Inscape, which enables clients to access ACR data from 22+ million Smart TVs. We prioritize making TV data work smarter and faster for marketers and advertisers in all industries. This partnership advances our existing clients of advertisers to converge digital and linear data, giving the industry data-driven insights, key learnings, and opportunities to optimize campaigns driving their media investments to better performance outcomes. As well as a great opportunity for new clients to take advantage of the new area in ad tech we are in, which is converging CTV and linear TV advertising for the best performance outcome of all marketing campaigns.

A Message From Our Chief Revenue Officer, Jeremy Haft

“Linear has long been an effective way to maximize reach and scale, and through this arrangement with Inscape allows us to uplevel our efforts by complementing linear data with CTV insights across millions of devices. Alone, linear data and CTV data may miss opportunities to reach and engage with unique audiences but together they unlock new measurement opportunities to navigate the modern TV landscape,” said Jeremy Haft, Chief Revenue Officer at Digital Remedy.

Opportunities For Marketers And Advertisers

This new era of the ad tech industry is shifting and more advertisers are adjusting their strategy approach to their media investments on TV. Linear is here to stay and is a huge component of the media mix, even though many marketers are shifting to CTV. This collaboration presents the opportunity for many advertisers to look at their TV spend through a combined lens and optimize toward winning performing channels that are aligned with their campaign goals. In addition, our participating advertisers will obtain a more holistic understanding of cross-platform and data-driven measurement and attribution, which is a game changer for unifying measurement attribution across digital and linear to effectivity reach their targeted audiences and optimize the customer journey.

How Digital Remedy Can Serve You

With Digital Remedy’s Performance CTV Platform, our team of experts offers opportunities to personalize data and visualize digital and linear buys with a holistic approach in a single source of truth.

Transparency at the core that enables marketers to understand who their audience is and what they care about. Furthermore, the unified and cross-platform approach combines linear data with digital data and enriches it with audience data to answer questions like:

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About Digital Remedy

Digital Remedy is a leader in providing data-driven technology and services that drive measurable outcomes for marketers. Digital Remedy delivers advertisers, agencies, and brands the innovation, technology, and customer service they need to make the most of their online advertising endeavors. From media planning and execution to campaign management and full-funnel attribution, Digital Remedy provides customizable cross-channel efficiencies to solve any digital marketing challenge. Learn more at

About Inscape

Inscape is a leading provider of currency-grade ACR data and the technology division of VIZIO Holding Corp. Inscape’s TV intelligence platform powers incredible experiences for TV viewers, and market-leading products for VIZIO advertisers and is fueling the transformation in America’s TV measurement industry. The automated content recognition (ACR) pioneer generates screen-level accurate and robust, always-on data feeds containing every second of TV viewing, giving media companies, agencies, brands, and measurement providers the intelligence to modernize, optimize, and revolutionize the TV and streaming marketplace. Founded in 2008 as TV Interactive Systems, Inc. and later acquired by VIZIO in 2015, Inscape operated as a wholly-owned subsidiary based in San Francisco, California until 2020 when it was integrated into VIZIO’s Platform+ Business.

Digital Remedy is proud to announce our partnership with Digital Culture Group (an NMSDC-certified advertising solutions company) and the appointment of its founder Crystal Foote, as Executive Director & Head of Multicultural to its leadership team. This strategic move will drive greater diversity in advertising by providing advertisers with unprecedented insights into their audience segments, targeting solutions, and campaign effectiveness.

This new partnership enables the pair to work more closely with brands seeking to reach diverse audiences – providing them with the technology required to create performance-driven advertising campaigns resulting in better ROI and growth. Through Digital Remedy’s award-winning marketing solutions and measurement platform, Digital Culture Group analyzes thousands of diverse data points through both offline & online sources to refine brands’ messaging, expand access to inventory across all media channels and devices, and craft custom multicultural targeting strategies that are more authentic and effective for brands.

“Crystal’s vision for Digital Culture Group aligns perfectly with our own commitment to driving measurable outcomes for marketers through data-driven technology and services. Her deep industry experience and expertise in diversity and inclusion make her an invaluable addition to our team, allowing Digital Remedy to provide advertisers’ multicultural campaigns with the solutions necessary to deliver on campaign performance, and forge more substantial relationships with underrepresented communities.” – Jeremy Haft, Chief Revenue Officer at Digital Remedy

A seasoned marketing executive and woman of color, Foote tapped into her firsthand knowledge of the importance of representation and the impact it can have on a community, to create a scalable solution to the lack of diversity and cultural sensitivity in advertising. As Executive Director & Head of Multicultural, she will use this expertise to further bridge the gap between brands and underrepresented communities. Foote will also play an integral role in ensuring that the company’s marketing and advertising campaigns are inclusive and culturally responsive, helping to drive engagement and build brand loyalty among diverse audiences.

“I’m thrilled to join the team at Digital Remedy and to have their support in driving greater diversity in advertising. Together, we can help brands authentically connect with diverse audiences and foster inclusivity and equity in the advertising industry.” – Crystal Foote

To learn more about Digital Culture Group, visit Be sure to follow Digital Remedy on LinkedIn for the latest company updates.

Today, Digital Remedy announced the appointments of former IAB CEO, CMO, and thought leader, Randall Rothenberg and Compulse Founder and Managing Director, Martin Kristiseter to its Board of Directors as part of its continued growth strategy. 

Randall Rothenberg has been a prominent marketing, media, and advertising leader for 40 years. Most recently, he led the transformation of the IAB into one of the largest and most potent media and marketing trade bodies in the world, helping to develop technical standards, self-regulation, government regulation, market and consumer research, global digital content marketplaces, and professional development programs. Under his leadership, IAB opened the industry’s first major public policy office in Washington, D.C., launched the IAB Tech Lab to oversee digital marketing technical standards, started an industry-leading training program that has certified more than 14k digital media sales professionals, created the IAB Digital Newfronts and Podcast Upfronts, and published comprehensive research on brand disruption, the evolution of video, and the economic impact of the ad-supported Internet ecosystem.

Martin Kristiseter is an accomplished entrepreneur and digital executive with over 18 years of experience in digital media, ad technology, and programmatic solutions. He currently serves as the Managing Director of Compulse, a marketing technology and managed services company built for local media and agencies. Prior to Compulse, Krisitiseter launched the digital advertising business at Marketron that transformed a declining revenue management & radio traffic business (SaaS) into a growth company through Pitch — an omnichannel workflow, sales enablement, fulfillment, and reporting platform for media companies.

Between Rothenberg’s proven track record of success and Kristiseter’s accomplished entrepreneurial expertise, I am confident they will bring fresh perspectives and valuable insights to help us navigate the ever-changing digital landscape. As a performance media partner for brands and agencies, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that drive business outcomes for our clients. I look forward to their guidance and contribution to the team, as we continue to build on our strengths and pursue our many opportunities for company growth.” – Mike Seiman, CEO & Chairman

You can check out the full press release here to learn more about the partnership. Be sure to follow Digital Remedy on LinkedIn for the latest company updates.

As part of the company’s next stage of growth, Digital Remedy is pleased to announce that Jeremy Haft has joined its leadership team. Leveraging over 20 years of ad tech and media experience, he will serve as Chief Revenue Officer, helping to accelerate growth, enterprise partnerships, and revenue strategies. Jeremy will oversee the marketing, client services, and sales teams to elevate our growth strategy by advancing the company’s go-to-market approach, identifying new opportunities, increasing market share, and driving revenue streams.

“Jeremy has a strong track record of scaling businesses and I’m excited to add him to our outstanding leadership team. His experience and wealth of knowledge in both digital media strategy and in driving profitable business growth, as well as his understanding of our business, values, and our services, makes him perfectly suited to help advance Digital Remedy’s vision of becoming our clients’ comprehensive digital media partner.” –  Mike Seiman, CEO

The expansion of its leadership team comes during a period of great momentum for Digital Remedy. Earlier this year, Matt Sotebeer joined the team as Chief Strategy Officer. Additionally, Digital Remedy was selected as #2 on the Crain’s Best Places to Work in NYC list for 2022. Our OTT platform, Flip, was recognized by the Digiday Video & TV Awards as a finalist for “Best Connected TV Platform” in 2022. With these strategic leadership appointments, Digital Remedy will continue to improve and scale our media capabilities and client solutions.

“I am joining Digital Remedy at not only the most exciting times for the business but also one of the most pivotal times for the media industry. I love being a change agent and building on an incredibly strong foundation. It’s so important for agencies and brands to partner with an organization like Digital Remedy which sits at the epicenter of media channel-agnostic solutions, transparency, effectiveness, and service.” – Jeremy Haft

For more details, check out the full press release and coverage in Broadcasting+Cable. Follow Digital Remedy on LinkedIn and Twitter for the latest company updates.

Last week, in honor of World Mental Health Day (October 10th), Harmony—our social responsibility team, hosted our fifth annual (and third virtual) Mental Health Week. Mental Health Week is an initiative designed to encourage Remediers to discover ways to improve and maintain their mental health in the workplace/while working from home.

We took each day to focus on a different aspect of mental health and wellness, aiming to provide a well-rounded experience and a healthy and happy environment for all of our employees. Team members received daily communications of activities, along with tips and additional resources to promote mental health. Here’s a look at what we planned:

Monday: Nourish

We kicked off the week with an invitation to create personal snack boxes via SnackMagic, a service that lets people build their boxes, choosing from a menu of 2k+ delicious (and nutritious) options—sent directly to their homes.

We shared links for all employees to submit Sunshine Notes, an optional, anonymous message to help brighten someone’s day and spread positivity. Remediers could tell coworkers how valuable they are to the team, share how much they enjoy working together, or give a special shoutout for their hard work on a project. The Harmony Team collected the Sunshine Notes throughout the week and distributed them to each respective recipient on Friday.

Tuesday: Healthy Mind

Tuesday’s focus was on creating a tidy and zen workspace. We also shared a roundup of meditation apps. We encouraged the use of our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) program, which offers a variety of free and confidential resources available to employees and their family members. Some resources included are a 24/7 emotional support helpline with a licensed therapist, guidance for leadership, mental health resources, and much more. Additionally, as part of a mini-series, we hosted an optional webinar titled “Managing Employees Wellness and Well-Being” for all Digital Remedy managers to discuss the importance of not only supporting work performance but also the overall quality of life of their direct reports. 

Wednesday: Healthy Body

Wednesday focused on a strong body with a roundup of workout apps that Remediers could do at their own pace. To finish the day feeling zen and balanced, an after-work virtual meditation and yoga session was available. 

Thursday: Nature

Thursday’s communications promoted taking walks and outdoor activities, along with sharing the importance of stretching and suggestions for 15-minute stretching breaks.

Friday: Healthy Soul

To end the week on a high note, we shared recipes for comfort food in preparation for the upcoming holiday season, and all Sunshine Notes were distributed. 

Employees were welcome to share their mental health week experience (how they prioritized self-care and, importantly, how they chose to fill their snack box!) on social media. We were thrilled to see team members across the country get involved. At Digital Remedy, we believe that our employees are our greatest asset. Supporting the mental and physical wellness of our Remediers while fostering a healthy workplace and work-life balance is—and always will be—a top priority. 

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The Growing Threat of IVT and Fight Against Ad Fraud

As invalid traffic (IVT) and ad fraud increases in scope and sophistication, it has become increasingly difficult for advertisers and agencies to ensure that their ad dollars are being spent on their desired audiences—i.e. real people in search of products or services. According to recent studiesabout $42b in revenue opportunities is lost each year due to bots and fake users. To provide the highest possible level of campaign security across media channels for our clients and help ensure every ad impression we serve is validated and delivered on high-quality, fraud-free inventory sources, Digital Remedy collaborates with Oracle Moat.

By integrating Oracle Moat’s brand safety and verification technology, Digital Remedy has successfully driven down IVT rates and increased viewability rates, consistently outperforming industry benchmarks quarter-over-quarter. With low fraud rates, Digital Remedy continues to hit client KPIs, especially on conversion-based campaigns, which has led to an overall increase in renewal rates among clients. Additionally, our team is able to access historical campaign performance to inform (and improve) current and future media strategies.

“With Oracle Moat, Digital Remedy is able to provide an unmatched level of confidence and trust by helping to ensure ads are served by real publishers, shown to real audiences, and clients are only paying for real conversions—effectively driving desired results among target consumers, whether it be an increase in site traffic or sales.” -Kevin Jones, VP of Media Buying

Partnership Expansion

Recent shifts towards OTT/CTV have resulted in an increased demand for (and investment in) these media channels. As many advertisers are setting viewability as a primary/secondary KPI, all are hyper-focused on the importance of delivering campaigns on fraud-free, IVT-free inventory. In early 2020, we expanded our work with Oracle Moat to include OTT/CTV environments, which allows us to proactively identify IVT in these environments, which had previously been difficult—if not impossible—to do. With Oracle Moat as a brand safety partner, we are able to mitigate the risk of fraudulent activity—identifying and rooting out new methods of IVT to stop ad fraud at the source—and ensure client ad spend is not wasted on fake users.

In today’s increasingly complex and fragmented ad space, it is critical for marketers to work with a trusted partner that has the experience, knowledge, scale, and ability to identify and block new threats as they emerge. Our work with Oracle Moat allows us to remain a leading media partner in the ad tech space thanks to our innovative ad solutions for verification, attention, and brand safety. We are excited to expand our collaboration further and strengthen our offering to continue to protect our clients across even more media types. To learn more, speak to a member of our team.

In today’s fragmented media landscape, attribution is an increasingly valuable tool for advertisers. Recent growth in both consumption and investment in streaming video has prompted digital advertisers to focus on optimizing advertising efforts. Digital Remedy has partnered with leading geospatial and mobility intelligence company Cuebiq, to unlock real-time insights and measure the true impact of client campaigns, specifically on CTV/OTT channels.

Through this strategic partnership, Digital Remedy provides clients with a full understanding of the consumer journey—from first touch to store visit—and allows them to activate against learnings from this journey to maximize their return on ad spend. Using mobile location data from Cuebiq, Digital Remedy’s proprietary performance CTV platform, Flip, directly connects CTV ad impressions to lift in foot traffic to physical store locations—tracking full-funnel KPIs, including brand, visit, and revenue lift, and displaying real-time campaign insights within an easy-to-read dashboard.

“TV has always been thought of as purely an upper-funnel, branding play. With Flip, we’re able to challenge that notion, and with our Cuebiq partnership, we’re able to connect real-world store traffic to those large format impressions. We’re able to let retailers know, definitively, that someone was exposed to their CTV ad and then visited their location. We’ve set our sights on treating CTV like performance media—driving real-world results, not just views.”

– Ben Brenner, VP, Business Development and Strategy at Digital Remedy

Flip, our Award-winning proprietary performance CTV platform, connects the dots between CTV ad views and real-world results—providing a full picture of the consumer journey and ensuring marketers get the most impact out of their budget. To learn how you can get started measuring your CTV campaigns, visit or schedule a free custom demo.

Check out the full press release here, and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for more Digital Remedy updates.

Today, Digital Remedy announced that Jessica Cortapasso has been promoted to SVP, People.

With more than fifteen years of experience in human capital management, Jessica joined Digital Remedy in 2013 while simultaneously acquiring her Masters’s Degree in Human Resources Management and Development from New York University. Through her time at the organization, Jessica has steered the corporate culture through significant events including rebrands and acquisitions, while developing and implementing a set of Core Values that shape the daily practices of Digital Remedy.

In her role as SVP, People, Jessica will continue to navigate Digital Remedy through the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on building employee engagement and fostering a culture of trust across teams as employees continue to work remotely. This includes an increased emphasis on employee mental and physical health, and the development of a sustainable Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program that has seen substantial growth over the course of the past two years.

“I am excited to step into this role during such a fundamental period of time for Digital Remedy. This position gives me a platform to maintain the momentum of our company culture far beyond the traditional four walls of our office, and support and engage with our employees in new and exciting ways as the organization continues to grow.”

– Jessica Cortapasso, SVP, People

You can read the full press release here. For the latest Digital Remedy updates, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Today, Digital Remedy announced that Tony Pascal has been promoted to SVP, Product & Technology and will be joining the company’s Leadership Team.

With over two decades of experience in the design, product, and technology space, Tony joined Digital Remedy as a graphic designer in 2007. His responsibilities quickly evolved, landing him in leadership roles across multiple disciplines including creative direction, analytics, monetization optimization, and platform development. He continued to grow with the organization over the last fourteen years into his most recent position, where he oversaw all design, development, and execution of Digital Remedy products and platforms.

In his new role as SVP, Product & Technology, Tony will lead product and technology development for the company, helping to build the connective tissue across all internal and client-facing technology initiatives by unifying the teams and processes that power the data-driven solutions that Digital Remedy offers to marketers.

“I am thrilled to be stepping into this position during such an exciting period of time for Digital Remedy. This new role gives me an opportunity to unify our technology from a product and data standpoint, and redefine our processes for product and feature releases moving forward.”

– Tony Pascal, SVP, Product & Technology

You can take a look at the full press release here, and follow along with us on LinkedIn and Twitter for more Digital Remedy updates.

Digital Remedy is excited to announce that David Zapletal has been named Chief Operating Officer. In this new role, Zapletal will realign and connect internal resources in order to steer the company’s swift product innovation and execution to better serve client needs.

“I’ve always been deeply committed to helping our clients meet new challenges head-on, and this new role gives me an opportunity to embed that customer focus throughout every aspect and touchpoint of our organization. I’m incredibly excited to continue pushing the envelope on our product development and client services.” – David Zapletal

A 15-year Digital Remedy veteran, Zapletal most recently served as Chief Innovation & Media Officer for over a year after initially joining the company as EVP of Media Buying and Optimization. In his most recent role, Zapletal’s expertise and influence has been crucial to the development of the groundbreaking AdReady+ and Flip solutions, not only in leading the cross-functional and distributed teams but also bringing his personal experience in media operations to the table, along with his deep understanding of the customers’ needs and pain points.

Click here to check out the full release, and be sure to follow Digital Remedy on LinkedIn and Twitter for more updates.