Reaching nearly $20b in revenue worldwide this year, the direct-to-consumer (DTC) market is expected to continue growing, with no signs of slowing down. Driven by the surge in over-the-top (OTT) content consumption via streaming services in recent years, advertisers are increasingly shifting media budgets to this growing channel to deliver their brand messaging to the right consumers at the right times in an engaging ad environment—but many DTC brands have yet to make the move to OTT. DTC marketers who are not spending on CTV/OTT, run the risk of missing out on reaching valuable customers where they are consuming media. While social has long been the go-to media channel for DTC brands, roughly 70% of DTC consumers say they spend more time watching streaming TV each week than they spend on social media.

In July of 2021, Digital Remedy partnered with Dynata, the world’s largest first-party data platform for insights, activation, and measurement, to field a custom survey targeting U.S. DTC marketers—with the goal of gaining a deeper understanding of the role that connected TV (CTV) and OTT play in their media mix, current practices, expected ad spending and top priorities for 1H 2022, and “must-haves” when choosing a media partner to execute OTT campaigns (including a full explanation of the streaming world).

Key Findings

For full insights from the study, download the 2022 DTC + CTV/OTT Advantage Report.

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