In July 2022, Digital Remedy was a gold sponsor at GROW NY, a two-day event at the Knockdown Center in Queens, NY which offered growth-focused talks, panels, and workshops for DTC, ecommerce, and retail brands. At the event, our SVP of SalesTJ Sullivan, sat down with special guest Sophie Duncan, Senior Director of Performance at ByHeart, to discuss how growth-focused marketers can leverage performance CTV to increase their customer base and take online sales to the next level. Additionally, the team debuted the beta for our new self-service performance TV campaign management platform, Flip+

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If you want to see more, you can watch the entire discussion here!

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Digital Remedy recently hosted a Tech-Talk webinar “To Last Touch & Beyond: Measuring Performance CTV” through eMarketer, explaining why marketers should move beyond last-touch attribution methodology, focusing instead on more nuanced ways to drive bottom-line results via OTT/CTV—and why working with an experienced media partner is crucial in today’s complex ad space. If you missed it, here’s a recap:


Key Takeaways


The marketing funnel is collapsing and CTV offers a unique ad environment and full-funnel measurement capabilities.

As the duopoly becomes increasingly saturated, improvements in measurement have proved that lower-funnel media can have branding impacts, and upper-funnel media can have performance impacts—and this is most evident in the CTV space. CTV’s ability to merge the often separated performance and brand marketing worlds is redefining the digital ad space.


As the consumer buying journey evolves, marketers need to think about more enhanced measurement, including sophisticated attribution methodologies.

In the modern age of marketing, the typical consumer requires an average of 56 touchpoints before making a purchase. Very rarely does someone convert after a single ad exposure. Marketers need to take every touchpoint (across devices and platforms) into consideration and assign credit accordingly. While last-touch attribution has long been the status quo of the ad space, marketers can discover more insights by expanding their attribution methodology.


While VCR has long been the go-to metric for marketers, it is no longer the standard for evaluating campaign performance.

While innovations in attribution have brought the focus away from VCR and toward ROAS and CPA metrics, those goals are merely scratching the surface of CTV measurement. Many marketers are looking to optimize their CTV campaign performance, but don’t know where to start. Working with the right media partner will allow you to uncover valuable—previously unattainable—campaign performance insights.


You can watch the full presentation on-demand or view the slides. Interested in learning how you can start driving bottom-line results? Schedule a custom Flip demo to see our award-winning CTV performance platform in action.



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