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Fast Casual Brand Garners 1,738% ROAS with Performance CTV

Leveraging Real-Time Optimization to Drive Store Visits and Sales, Extends Partnership and Increases Investment

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The Challenge

A fast casual restaurant brand partnered with Digital Remedy with the goal of increasing traffic to its site and store locations-ultimately boosting sales. Following new product launches, the brand wanted to drive action among consumers by leveraging the power of OTT/CTV to deliver messaging in the perfect lean-in ad environment. This would be the first time the brand tracked store visits and online purchase revenue generated from an OTT campaign.

Our Solution

Beginning in the summer, the brand launched a national video campaign across premium OTT publishers. Performance CTV, our OTT attribution platform, allowed the brand to connect OTT ad impressions directly to store visits and online purchases. The Digital Remedy team leveraged full-funnel attribution insights gathered through Performance CTV to consistently optimize toward the best performing creatives, geos, devices, publishers, and channels- removing underperforming variables to maximize campaign performance and return on ad spend (ROAS). Performance CTV allowed the brand to pinpoint exactly where consumer actions were coming from-providing a full picture of the consumer journey and valuable insights to drive future marketing decisions.

Following campaign success, the brand renewed with an increased budget, adding additional inventory sources and Performance CTV's incrementality feature. Leveraging Performance CTV's incremental lift analysis, we were able to determine that 88% of total revenue occurred as a direct result of OTT ad exposure. The brand was also able to see incremental lift driven by each creative (triple-digit percentages across the board).

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Proof is in the numbers

With the help of Performance CTV's full-funnel attribution and real-time optimization capabilities, the campaign has driven over 295k store visits, over 3.35m online purchases, and generated over $80m in online revenue to-date-with one-third of purchases occurring after less than 2 ad exposures. The brand's team have expressed their love of Performance CTV's comprehensive, real-time dashboard features, including the ability to toggle between conversion windows. Expanding the partnership even further, the brand confirmed an larger renewal budget, with more inventory sources and advanced measurement capabilities provided by Digital Remedy.

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