Case Study

SaaS Company Leverages Sequential Digital Retargeting Strategy to Drive Measurable Results

Leveraging our OTT platform the brand was able to see each customer's unique journey to conversion.


The Challenge

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions are among the fastest-growing segments in the IT industry. To take advantage of this momentum, a SaaS brand partnered with Digital Remedy with the goal of increasing traffic to its website (homepage and Customer Service page) among potential customers.

Our Solution

The Digital Remedy team formulated a data-driven sequential targeting methodology for the client to reach three distinct target audiences with three creative storylines. A creative funnel was built within each audience to ensure 1:1 sequential remarketing for each storyline. Any converters were subsequently excluded from the campaign's targeting.

Through this sequential strategy, service-based messaging was delivered to the target audiences who were previously exposed to an OTT creative, creating an always-on presence to keep the brand top of mind, and guiding prospects along the funnel. Additionally, ads were delivered within premium live sports inventory across top networks including MLB, MLS, NFL, NBA, and ESPN.


The Digital Remedy team made strategic, real-time optimizations against the client's KPIs based on conversion data to serve ads across the highest-performing publishers, dayparts, devices, and channels, removing those that were underperforming to maximize campaign performance.

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Media Type

Performance CTV


Key Capabilities



Target Audience

Adults 25-64 years old with the following business sizes and job titles:

Small-to-Medium-Size (SMB)

CEO, Head of CX, Operations Manager, Project Manager


CEO, COO, SVP of Operations, SVP of Customer Success, Director of CX, VP of IT


Head of Customer Support, Head of CX, Chief Information Officer

Results To Date

Proof is in the numbers

Leveraging our proprietary OTT platform, Performance CTV's all-touch attribution reporting, the brand was able to see each customer's unique journey to conversion (including the number of exposures before converting, which media types they were exposed to, and how far down the funnel they made it) based on the creative funnel they were in. Furthermore, we were able  to holistically analyze the performance of each creative storyline and analyze its full-funnel impact. The insight provided further detail about the brand's funnel length, as we uncovered it took about 14 exposures before prospects visited the site. Driven by Performance CTV's real-time optimization, campaign performance exceeded benchmark goals across all media types. Thanks to our comprehensive reporting capabilities, the brand was able to unlock key performance insights to inform future marketing decisions.

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