Digital Remedy is a digital media solutions company leading the tech enabled marketing space. Unprecedented access delivers performance-based innovation and maximizes your business potential through superior customer service, diverse strategic solution sets and flawless execution. Digital Remedy enables publishers, advertisers and influencers to access the full potential of their digital assets.

Digital Remedy


We deliver performance-based innovation that maximizes your business potential. Through around-the-clock customer service, we provide diverse, strategic solution sets and flawless execution.
  • Digital Media Executions

    AdReady is a digital media execution partner for advertisers and publishers. AdReady provides customizable, turnkey platform-based services that deliver cross-channel solutions designed to drive campaign performance.

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  • Content Strategies

    Nibble develops unique content and engagement strategies for advertisers, publishers and social influencers. Our expertise and vetted knowledge in content production and performance allows us to customize distribution strategies that engage users and grow audiences.


  • Influencer Strategies

    Developing original and relevant content that keeps readers engaged and audiences growing is our specialty. We produce thoroughly tested media that our fans can really sink their teeth into, as well as customized distribution strategies that encourage user interaction.

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AdReady uses industry leading media sources and proprietary platforms to create strategies that exceed your digital and performance goals. AdReady equips advertisers, and publishers alike, with customizable, turnkey solutions to drive campaign performance while providing transparency every step of the way.

AdReady Suite

AdReady Suite is a true extension of your organization’s ad ops and marketing team. We offer full-service, result driven digital solutions to meet your monetization and performance goals while remaining transparent and dedicated to the unique and evolving needs of your brand(s).
  • Surpass your campaign goals and tackle ROI with our fully managed services:
  • Media

  • DMP

  • IP Targeting

  • Audience Extension

  • White-Label Solutions

  • PMP

AdReady Access

AdReady Access works closely with clients to maximize monetization efforts by acting as an extension of your sales and ad ops teams. We analyze existing customer data to attract new audiences to your brand.
  • Monetize audiences outside of your proprietary sites by accessing AdReady’s fully managed services:

  • Media

  • DMP

  • Audience Extension

  • PMP

  • White-Label Solutions

AdReady Direct

Optimize your cost-per-action campaigns with AdReady Direct. Our cross-channel direct response strategies, scalable solutions, exclusive inventory and cutting-edge technologies allow performance-focused marketers to maximize ROI and efficiency.
  • Solve for a lack of campaign inventory and increase qualified leads with:

  • Pay Per Call Advertising

  • Affiliate

  • Media Buying


Nibble, develops unique content and engagement strategies for advertisers, publishers and social influencers.

Nibble Connections

Nibble offers media agnostic solutions that exceed your content performance goals. By leveraging the industry’s leading media sources and our technology platform, Nibble works with direct response advertisers and agencies to provide performance-driven executions optimized across all available digital channels.

Creative Services:

Nibble offers creative services to develop custom branded content for sponsorship/partnership pitches and executions.

Editorial & Content Management Services:

Promote your sites content and extend your audience reach across social and native channels, email newsletters and video syndication.

Social Engagement Management Services:

Increase engagement and reach, maximizing the impact of your posts. Expand your audience even further by plugging content into our Influencer Network that collectively holds 100M in audience reach.

Comprehensive reporting:

Access a customize yield dashboard that is updated daily with comprehensive revenue, profit, and margin data from the different ad units available on site.

Advertising Services:

Access industry leading media sources and our technology platform, Nibble provides performance driven executions, optimized across all available digital channels.

Nibble Solutions

Nibble works with social influencers and brands to develop content that keeps audiences growing and readers continuously engaged. Our thoroughly tested media and customized distribution strategies encourage user interaction through buzzworthy news, images and viral videos.