Through sophisticated measurement capabilities, marketers can now understand the CTV exposure-to-outcome impact of their ads. Given the significant investment in this media channel, attribution—the process of assigning credit for conversions to various marketing touchpoints along the customers’ journey—has become a must-have for growth and performance marketers. This information is critical to creating more effective ad campaigns and boosting revenue. In measuring conversions following ad exposure for CTV, it’s important to understand which exposure caused the conversion to take place.

Through incrementality analysis, we can evaluate all the conversions that wouldn’t have happened without our media. But in many instances, other media channels had an influence. In fact, every touchpoint your audience has with your campaign influences a conversion—no matter the partner or channel.

If a Digital Remedy campaign played a part in a conversion that involved other media exposures, clients want to understand how the exposure to Digital Remedy played a role in improving the efficacy of the media. In this case, the OTT campaign influenced the conversion, but the second partner’s attribution modeling wouldn’t take that into account, and it would get full credit for the conversion. 

All media works together. None of your advertising works in a vacuum. Conversion reporting/attribution is only one of several ways to analyze whether specific media is working for you. With halo effect analysis, clients can understand the campaign boost Digital Remedy is providing. If we played a part in a conversion that involved some other media, we’re essentially improving the efficacy of that media type with our own media.

What Is Halo Effect?

Incremental channel lift, or halo effect, is a way to measure the boost in performance of your search, social, and affiliate channels provided by your CTV campaigns. In other words, the halo effect shows how much more likely someone is to convert if they see CTV ads AND any of your search, social, or affiliate ads versus ONLY seeing ads on those other channels.

Halo effect analysis takes a more holistic approach to attribution, focusing on incremental conversions across media channels and campaigns. With this analysis, you can connect your CTV spend and see just how much of a boost these campaigns are providing for all of the other media you’re running.

How Does It Work?

Rather than having to take credit for the direct performance of our media, we are able to assign that credit and take indirect credit instead through halo effect analysis. Search lift, social lift, affiliate lift, native lift; you name it, all of this can be done through this same process. 

Benefits of Halo Effect with Digital Remedy

Leveraging halo effect analysis through Digital Remedy, advertisers can measure the true incrementality of their marketing initiatives and refine their campaign mix to deliver a better ad experience for their customers (and better results for their business). Benefits include:

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