Nov 1, 2022

A Digital Marketer’s Guide to Holiday Shopping

As the weather gets colder, holiday digital marketing campaigns are just heating up. For digital marketers and the businesses they serve, the holiday season is the most profitable time of year. According to RIS news, annual holiday retail sales will increase between 4% and 6% during the 2022 holiday season, with sales projected to total…


As the weather gets colder, holiday digital marketing campaigns are just heating up. For digital marketers and the businesses they serve, the holiday season is the most profitable time of year.

According to RIS news, annual holiday retail sales will increase between 4% and 6% during the 2022 holiday season, with sales projected to total between $1.45t and $1.47t.

As a digital marketer, it’s your job to get customers to add your products to their holiday wishlist—so that you get a share of these profits.

But contrary to popular belief, you don’t need millions of dollars to run a successful holiday campaign.

Equipped with research on 2022 holiday shopping trends and insights, you can beat economic challenges this season and optimize your holiday media buying strategy.

Shopping Trends to Be Aware of During the 2022 Holiday Season

Consumers are Looking to Buy Early and Save

As shoppers expect inflation to continue through the holidays, saving money on purchases is top of mind for many. This, along with ongoing supply chain issues, has led to consumers buying early and spending less.

These unideal buying circumstances will lead to consumers looking to take advantage of early deals—like Cyber Month and Black Friday—in efforts to avoid last-minute inconveniences such as shipping costs and scarcity of goods.

For these reasons, you should roll out your client’s unique selling propositions and promotions earlier than ever before.

Shifting Shopping Preferences

In the age of Amazon and eBay, most might assume online shopping is dwarfing retail, but in the last few years since the pandemic, this hasn’t been the case.

After 2020, when people were confined to their homes and relied on online holiday shopping, consumers are now eager to get out and get deals in person.

Still, both forms of shopping will be highly profitable this holiday season—with potential online discounts and sales playing a significant role in what form of buying consumers choose.

2022 is the first time Amazon held Prime Day twice in one year. An annual discount event launched in 2015, Prime Day gives Amazon customers a 48-hour window to take advantage of thousands of sales on their website.

Experts believe these convenient online deals will continue to stimulate the e-commerce market and heavily influence buying habits.

Even with all the benefits online shopping offers, brick-and-mortar stores will still account for a significant percentage of holiday sales. One of the main reasons is that consumers are worried that supply chain issues will cause their online orders not to arrive in time for the holidays.

The Rise of CTV Campaigns

Our 2022 Holiday Season Trends & Insights report shows that omni-screen consumers create unique opportunities for connected TV campaigns, with a third of customers saying they shop online while watching TV.

Combine this with the more than 80% of 25-54-year-olds that are CTV users, and you can see why knowledgeable digital marketers are using CTV campaigns to reach their target audiences this holiday season.

Marketing Tips to Create a Successful Holiday Campaign Strategy

Get a Headstart on Planning and Media Buying

With worries about supply chain issues causing buyers to make purchasing decisions earlier than in years past, it’s essential to formulate your campaign strategy early and test it months in advance.

It’s also recommended to launch a pre-holiday brand awareness campaign to ensure your audience is familiar with your product before it’s even time to make purchases. This will allow you to get a head start on your competition and see which media channels your target audience responds best to.

Promote Limited-Time Holiday Deals

Consumers are on the hunt to save wherever they can, whether that’s on shipping costs or product price points.

Limited-time offers—especially online and in CTV campaigns–compel consumers to purchase early because they create a sense of urgency.

This sense of urgency, combined with an increased interest in saving, creates an opportunity for you to increase sales revenue and boost your brand awareness.

Pro tip: Keep your offer simple and easily accessible. If consumers have to go through a multi-step process to secure your offer, they are less likely to convert.

For example, offering your promotion through a QR code in a connected TV commercial is a great way to promote your holiday deal, especially among audiences who are watching with phones in hand. With performance OTT platforms, your KPIs are also extremely trackable—helping to make your campaign flexible throughout the holidays and ensure your ad dollars are being spent most effectively.

Follow Up with Post-Holiday Advertising Campaigns

When done correctly, your holiday marketing campaign can have benefits that last long after the snow melts away.

If you design a successful advertising campaign, you will gain new customers who are familiar with your buying experience.

According to Digital Marketing Community, these customers you retain will have even more value in the following year’s holiday campaign. Their familiarity will make them even more inclined to convert on other offers.

Improve Your Media Buying Strategy With Digital Remedy

As a digital marketer, your holiday season may often feel like a stressful run-around—with late nights spent tracking campaign performance and retargeting to ensure you see results—but you deserve a gift just like everyone else.

Digital Remedy offers a full suite of ad solutions that can provide you with advanced targeting capabilities and comprehensive performance reporting. Specific capabilities our platforms offer include:

  • Utilize Shopper Data: Leverage IRI, Amazon, Nielsen CPG, and Kantar data to reach avid holiday shoppers
  • Location-based Targeting: Use location data to target users based on recent location to various department/big box stores such as Walmart, Kmart, Target, Costco, Home Depot, etc.
  • Keyword Search Targeting: Target keywords surrounding holiday shopping/holiday sales such as ‘holiday sales,’ ‘Black Friday shopping,’ ‘Christmas shopping,’ ‘holiday outfits near me,’ etc.

Digital Remedy’s solutions can be your Swiss Army Knife this holiday season—helping your agency or brand to navigate the ever-shifting advertising trends.

Speak with a member of our team to learn more about the capabilities our platforms offer.