Mar 7, 2023

Unlocking Your Campaign’s Potential: 5 Benefits of Working With a Media Planning Strategist

If you want to get your message out there with the perfect punch, it pays (literally) to plan ahead. Maximizing your digital advertising success isn’t a guessing game—it’s a calculated strategy that starts with leveraging the power of a detailed media plan. From beginning to end, a media plan sets the stage for your campaign…


If you want to get your message out there with the perfect punch, it pays (literally) to plan ahead. Maximizing your digital advertising success isn’t a guessing game—it’s a calculated strategy that starts with leveraging the power of a detailed media plan.

From beginning to end, a media plan sets the stage for your campaign and ad buys, helping you determine how, when, and where your audience will receive your brand’s next message.

When you work with a media planning & buying strategist for your campaign, you can stay ahead of the curve with impactful benefits that transform results in significant ways.

Benefits of Working With a Media Planning Strategist

Getting your ads run on YouTube TV, Hulu, or any other hotshot OTT provider may be your campaign’s end-all-be-all, but you won’t get there without help from an expert media planner.

Offering valuable market and competitor research, premium inventory, complete transparency, and more, media planners keep you informed and efficient throughout your campaign planning period, providing your team with a variety of compelling benefits, such as:

media planning strategist

Access to Historical Data

Data is the primary ingredient of a media plan, just like any advertising campaign.

However, media planning isn’t just data science—it’s a fine art that allows you to take the latest campaign and audience insights and drive your marketing efforts in an informed way, ensuring better results at every turn.

Media planners are pioneers in this strategic realm of campaign oversight, identifying trends and patterns using historical data obtained directly from media vendors and previous campaigns executed within your vertical. With intuitive media planning tools, media planners can effectively analyze the performance and results of your past marketing efforts to apply findings to your future strategies.

In doing so, you’ll be able to improve your targeting and increase the chance at an improved overall ROI based on data that keeps on compiling.

The Digital Remedy Approach: We leverage data across a multitude of verticals to base your proposals on. With 23 years of experience running successful media campaigns under our belts, we’ve put together tens of thousands of proposals and counting. We’ve worked with agencies and clients, big and small, on a broad array of digital campaigns focused on a spectrum of KPIs. Our access to historical data can help inform your proposals and springboard off use cases we’ve seen work—and work well—in the past. This approach vs. the blind “let’s throw it all at the wall and see what sticks” angle helps maximize your budget and see the results in your ROI.

Options for Premium Inventory

CTV ad spend is growing, with a 14.4% uptick expected in 2023. As more marketers race to programmatic TV and media buying options become more available than ever before, it’s never been so important to invest in high-quality, brand-safe video inventory.

With premium inventory, you can ensure your ads are being run on reputable platforms with high levels of traffic and engagement, mitigating the risk of wasting your budget on a low-quality site that offers no return.

Media planners take the guesswork out of primary inventory, establishing relationships with platforms and identifying the right placement for your message so that you don’t have to. With a media planning agency in your corner, you can avoid high publisher direct minimums and open exchanges that cause financial and reputational harm to your brand, all while working with a team that ensures your message runs in the most optimal setting.

The Digital Remedy Approach: Media agnostic, we sit across 14 demand-side platforms (DSPs) and are plugged into multiple supply-side platforms (SSPs). We are connected, so you don’t have to be. With our established partnerships, you’ll be able to:

  • Work with our media planning team, who will cherry-pick the best inventory we’ve already vetted and onboarded to suit your campaign needs
  • Get your proposals at competitive rates vs. the minimums or inflated pricing you’d encounter with going to publishers directly
  • Safeguard your brand against ad fraud and budget lost on fake impressions caused by low-quality inventory sources

Less Stress & More Time = Better Focus for You

You’re a marketer that has a goal over your head. Unless you have a specific media planning background and are fully up to date with the capabilities of a full-service programmatic agency, trying to plan media will be quite stressful and time-consuming.

When you delegate your proposal to an experienced media planning team, you’ll have help:

  • Pinpointing and understanding your target audience
  • Defining your goals
  • Finding the best way to reach your audience
  • Determining a timeframe for your campaign to run

With the heavy lifting off your plate, you get more time and capacity to focus your attention on other objectives that keep your brand pacing toward your goals.

The Digital Remedy Approach: Our team is an extension of your team, helping alleviate the stresses that come along with planning the intricacies of your advertising efforts. Aside from working with you in building your campaign, we’ll also advise you on the best flight dates based on your campaign goal and provide different pricing options (CPM, cost plus) that meet your budget. Think of us as your guiding light, helping you avoid shortfalls or mistakes and quickly pivot and revise should the media not produce the results you were after.

Transparency Into Scalability

Looking to run a podcast campaign to three zip codes, layer on behavioral targeting, and have a ROAS goal of 4000%?

That may be tough.

Of course, you want to see the numbers move with any advertising effort you take on. But setting unrealistic expectations about what your campaign can actually do will only send your team back to the drawing board—in a strategy overhaul.

Media planning strategists provide a transparent solution to scalability, offering insight into avails across geographies, audience segments, and platforms that can contribute to a more informed and feasible plan of action. With a real-time pulse on how scalable your ads are, you can identify the areas where your efforts should be focused to achieve your desired results.

The Digital Remedy Approach: We are transparent about scalability and realistic about how campaigns will perform, given their targeting parameters and where they are running. The last thing you need is your media planning strategist overpromising and underdelivering. We can provide accurate ad avails across segments, geos, and channels to help inform the best media plan to make your KPIs work.

Dedicated Team to Provide Strategic Guidance

You’re dedicated to creating a campaign that converts. A media planner is dedicated to making that vision a reality.

But strategy is only half the battle. To secure media buys that stand out and claim the attention of your audience, you need a media planner that is committed to the success of your campaign from beginning to end—and on to the next one.

Experienced media planners know the ins and outs of the industry, from advancements in ad tech and yearly holiday trends to new emergers in the CTV/OTT landscape. Leveraging their expertise, insights, and media planning tools, these marketing aficionados help you achieve your goals with a strategy that is both competitive and personalized to the goals that are most top of line.

The Digital Remedy Approach: Our dedicated media planning team is here for you, 24/7. We provide expert guidance into capabilities and solutions, explaining exactly how this all works and why it’s important for the bottom line of your campaign. We are here to make revisions and recommendations and, ultimately, be your partner in creating a media plan that achieves the KPIs you’re looking for. As your guide in your media planning, we’ll use our expertise to steer you in the right direction when it comes to how, when, and where you’re reaching your audience.

Digital Remedy As Your Performance Media Strategist

When developing your media plan, you need a strategist that offers best-in-class solutions to help you identify and reach your ad campaign objectives in the most streamlined ways possible.

At Digital Remedy, our team of media planning and buying experts have the industry knowledge and expertise to help you create a multi-channel media plan that captures the attention and business of your target audience without sacrificing your budget. As your media planning agency, we will work with you to stay ahead of your competition with ad buying opportunities that deliver real results.

Speak with a member of our team to learn more about how we can put our media planning tools to work for your next campaign.